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Brown Paper Bag is run by illustrator and writer Sara Barnes. It’s much better to get a variety of your work out there so potential clients can see you have a diverse portfolio. Start your free 14-day trial today, no credit card required. A gray dot above the slider marks the original value for the photo. Featuring groundbreaking new work in art, design, photography, fashion, and architecture, they accept online submissions with up to 6 images and a description of your work. OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER is a national magazine published 11 times per year for enthusiasts with a special passion for nature, travel and outdoor sports. With a whole section on technology and a clean aesthetic, everything on the site feels current or even one step into the future. Where to submit: Follow the submission directions listed here. This is a well-established online photography community with a large following. His images are recognized for their intrigue, mysterious and edgy but authentic feel. His pictures tell stories, his models have characters, he manages to capture their mood. If you don’t put in the effort to learn a little about the publication, making a submission will likely be a waste of time. Where to submit: By email to In 2018 at portraitphotoawards Lin is in TOP 10 list of best portrait photographers! Petapixel is devoted to all things photography. Experienced professionals with the most creative ideas and imaginative thinking receive our awards. This prominent photography community showcases a Photo of the Day on their front page, Twitter, and Instagram. Additionally, a US$3000 cash prize is up for grabs, as well as global exposure opportunities. This art blog features all kinds of original artwork. Slightly faded images attract eyes. The best projects will be featured in AAP Magazine #10 and win cash prizes. Be sure to include installation views and images of individual works in the show in your submission. Theresa Sujata Senti specializes in portrait, fashion and boudoir photography. Submit here if you’re working with technology, especially if you design challenging and new products, buildings, or apps. Portrait photography tips can run the gamut from simple tweaks to your camera settings to the seemingly impossible task of getting children to stay still. Originally launched as a print publication, Of the Afternoon prints a biannual magazine, but you’re most likely to know them through their high-profile Instagram account. Hi-Fructose Magazine is a well-established print and digital magazine with a focus on fantastical, unique styles of art and illustration. To be more specific, Colossal says they’re currently seeking submissions “in the realm of visual art, photography, sculpture, painting, installation, collage, paper, illustration or drawing, street art, architecture, industrial design, textile, animation, documentaries, and anything else involving a strong (generally non-digital) visual aspect.". If you’re reading this list because you plan on submitting art to magazines, this a great option. This illustration website features bold, creative illustrations from emerging artists. In 2018 at portraitphotoawards Franz is in TOP 10 list of best portrait photographers! People pictures fall into two categories: portraits and candid. by Kay Ziv July 11, 2020. The magazine is a popular resource for nature photography, and operates from a traditional standpoint, asking photographers to send duplicate transparencies, photographic prints, or high-quality inkjet printouts via mail rather than accepting digital files. Where to submit: With their online registration form. Their best works are displayed in our regular collections and social networks to thousands of potential clients from many countries. Get in touch with us via email, and be sure include a link to your online portfolio and description of your work. Founded by a designer from Croatia, this blog started out as a place to collect personal inspiration, but quickly became popular among other designers. Just make sure you don’t send big bulky download files that an editor won’t want to download. He works not only in Germany but in anywhere clients wish to have the shooting. We’ve rounded up a list of widely-read, international blogs and magazines that are all dedicated to showcasing new creative work and are currently accepting submissions. Each has different tastes, so your chances of being featured are good no matter your illustration style. Portrait sessions really don't differ much from senior sessions except in price- they are cheaper as they are not as high in demand. Where to submit: By email to Submit by sending 4-8 images and links to your online portfolio and social accounts. This is a good place to submit especially if your photography is on the digital, technical side. The Best Photography Contests and Prizes in 2016 But you should also tailor your submission to suit the website—you probably don’t want to send your documentary photography to a fine art website. Karma Hill Photography | Wedding & Portrait Photography in Hawaii. July 11, 2020. Where to submit: By email to Creative Boom is an online magazine looking for artwork in the following areas: Art, Crafts, Graphic Design, Illustration or Photography. It’s a fine way of increasing your audience and revealing new work. Focus on what are the most interesting, unusual or unique details about your submission. That means editors who have taken the time to consider your submission may feel you’ve wasted their time. Talents Of The Year 2019/2020. Each one needs different tips, techniques, and approaches. This popular photography blog often features work from photographers. Submissions. To make it easy for editors to check out your work, make sure your portfolio and social media are linked in your email. I also offer "for fun" shoots, where I will accept models for a discounted or free shoot if there is an idea I want to try. Tap Edit, then tap the Depth Control button at the top of the screen to adjust Depth Control or Portrait Lighting button to adjust Portrait Lighting. Where to submit: By email to They have five moderators who select the work. Congratulations to the winners of the Fifty-Fifth Collection! Design Milk focuses primarily on interior design and architecture, but also features fashion and art. Mladen skillfully uses the lights and details to capture their models in the most exciting way. By getting your work seen by many people in the industry, Fstoppers can be a real stepping stone that makes it easier to sell photos to magazines. Also, make sure you pay close attention to any submission guidelines. This UK-based blog was co-founded by two designers, Jonathan Ring and Bethany Baker. She has great ideas. Feature Shoot is a website that showcases a wide range of different photography styles, whether it’s fine art or product photography, coming from emerging or established photographers. As a photography portfolio designer, I have designed quite many portfolio websites over the years. Build your professional portfolio website in minutes. You need to know if your work will fit, and how to get the editor’s attention. Portrait Photo Awards is also a great place to find a photographer. With over 1 million views per month, iGNANT provides an established, professional platform to get your work noticed. He is skillful and experienced, great at working with studio lighting, good at editing and brilliant at the theme of bodyscape. It’s the place photographers go to learn new tricks, get up to date on equipment, and to learn about emerging photographers. … If you think that you belong to their ranks, register and submit your best photographs. Artists who get featured on the Creators page are often promoted on the Vice Creators Youtube and Twitter as well. Where to submit: By email to Self Publish Be Happy is an organization founded by photographer and publisher Bruno Ceschal. It’s a beautiful, minimal source of new design work, and could be a nice little credit for designers to add to their CVs. Tap a Portrait mode photo in your library. Hawaii, United States About … I’ve studied other, much more talented and experienced designer works and seen websites that are beautifully executed and many that just don’t work. This year we will be awarding 30 impressive photographers with an exhibition at the world-renowned Aperture Gallery in Chelsea, New York City. One way you can make this process faster and easier is to create a pitch template. Work featured here tends to have a contemporary, clean vibe. As a quarterly publication, they base each issue around certain themes, so deciding whether to submit photos to this magazine should be based on whether your project applies to the theme. 1854 Media & British Journal of Photography reserve the right to display, reproduce and publish in any media, any entry, without payment, for the sole purpose of Portrait of Humanity – this year and in future – and its promotion and publicity. Use our website to browse portfolios of top-rated specialists in your region and contact them directly. Take the chance and submit by sending them 4 or 5 images via email. To submit, send an image to editor Ryan Mense and include a detailed blurb about how it was processed, if there were models or help, what camera you used, and what inspired the work. He specializes in wedding photography, portraits of bridals. They also publish a monthly print magazine. Where to submit: By email to, with work that responds to their current theme. Does there content follow a certain style? You can send your magazine illustration submissions to their editors via their online form: just include a quick description and links to your work. The Best Illustration Contests and Prizes in 2016 … So even if you aren’t selected as a winner, this could be a great chance to get some professional feedback on a project. They ask for 10 to 30 images, preferably on a contact sheet, and the work must be unpublished. The Best Design Contests and Prizes in 2016, Where to submit: for images and for video work. Find more info about our submission guidelines here. So if you are looking for a place to try to make your first magazine photo submission, this is a good option. Besides speeding up the process, making a template also ensures you include all the necessary info in each submission. Where to submit: By email to SPBH celebrates and promotes self-published photo books by featuring and selling them on the site, sharing them at art fairs, and running workshops on self-publishing. Adding a second location or asking the photographer to travel can add $70-$250 to the cost of the session. "Madeleine Wilson is a WONDERFULLY TALENTED photographer and as an added bonus the kind, sweet, sort of person that makes being photographed fun (instead of awkward or uncomfortable)! This article was updated on January 7, 2020. Naturalism is one the most important and stunning features of his artworks as long as he often uses natural daylight and beautiful natural backgrounds. The Design Blog tends to feature the work of young, emerging designers, so this could be a great place for students to submit projects. Where to submit: By email to For one, when a publication accepts your submission, they often want exclusivity rights. Outdoor Photographer is a magazine published 11 times a year. So if your work gets accepted by multiple websites at once, you may find you have to turn some of them down. You can submit via their online form by linking to your portfolio site. Artist Sharon Butler is the publisher and editor, and she’s known for being a generous community leader in the city. Where to submit: By email to, This neatly organized design blog features detailed stories about design projects by studios from across the globe. Juxtapoz features fresh artwork with an underground style, often featuring graffiti art updates and unusual illustrators. At portraitphotoawards Charles is in TOP 10 list of best photographers in 2018! All photographers not currently represented by a gallery or photographers’ agent are invited to apply to the Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards. Charles Kok is a professional portrait and glamour photographer based in Krugersdorp (South Africa). Where to submit: Submit exhibition details in PDF form by email to Here’s our guide to the best websites and magazines looking for artwork, illustration, or photo submissions. Where to submit: On their submissions page. Some people just don't belong in a studio. Remember that editors typically have to sift through tons of submissions, so it’s best if your email can quickly identify what makes your work stand out. Taking the time to do a little research is an important step in how to get your photos published. Maciej’s specialization in portrait demonstrates his great skill in capturing the models in different foreshortenings. They can be frame-filling head-and-shoulder closeups, full-body images in which every feather is tack-sharp, or photos that, in their composition, place birds in … The website says their goal is to promote the love of landscape photography, and that they will consider submissions from everyone, whether they’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist. Designboom is committed to featuring projects on the avant-garde side of invention. Booooooom’s work of choice tends to be photography, but all kind of artists are featured on the site. His photo works are soft and candid, showing the delicate beauty of his models. These categories, however, are of a very broad definition, and may include street photography, landscapes, portraits, wildlife and other. In addition to the website, they have an accompanying magazine that gets published bi-annually. Updated super frequently by curator Jeff Hamada, Booooooom is a reliable source of emerging creative talent. An international jury of acknowledged experts will examine each work. Photograph the subject in their native environment. If you want to keep your gallery private and for the editor’s eyes only, you can add a password to Format portfolio pages. Published bimonthly online, this photography magazine themes each issue around a different topic to create a dialogue among the artists featured. Submit by sending your portfolio link and just one standout project for consideration. Submissions require between five and ten images attached, and be sure to also include a link to your online portfolio and a biography. Where to submit: By email to Where to submit: By email to It’s the place photographers go to learn new tricks, get up to date on equipment, and to learn about emerging photographers. It is a great place to submit work that incorporates technology or digital media. Street photography, fashion, portrait, conceptual, landscape, documentary: regardless of genres, this month we want to celebrate all the beauty and wealth of black & white images and we encourage photographers working across all genres to share with us their best monochromatic work! Contemporary Art Daily asks that artists submit by sharing a press release of a current exhibition. 12 Tips for Stunning Portrait Photography. This doesn’t mean you have to send work that’s exactly like another featured artist. Where to submit: On their submissions page, This prolific and widely-read art blog shares 15+ posts a week highlighting new work in a variety of artistic fields. Portrait photography is one of the most popular genres of photography, with good reason. Many schools choose to contract one photographer for their yearbook portraits, while other schools allow many different photographers to submit yearbook portraits. Also, Maciej demonstrated their aim to become more experienced in getting awards many times throughout the year. F-Stop is another publication that accepts photographs from a variety of niches. If you think that you belong to their ranks, register and submit your best photographs. Of the Afternoon. Again, this is someone who gets hundreds of submissions a day, so you need to make it easy for them to see your great work.

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