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The Raspberry Mousse Toad Lily is a classic look for these delightful flowering plants. Hardy Banana Trees Winter Care. To get a complete list of the plants that Logee’s has in stock, visit or email Click here to check the price on Amazon. Paw paw is actually native to temperate North America. Red Limes are a cross between a mandarin and a Rangpur Lime, and can be grown in zone 8a --- that means 10-15° for mature trees! A very highly rated fertilizer. The bulb is huge and can measure 17-19 inches. We are dedicated to tropical plant enthusiasts who live outside of the tropics but still enjoy growing tropicals where they live. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant, and some mature bamboo plants can grow up to 12 inches a day. No synthetic ingredients. OMRI listed for organic gardening by USDA. Check price on Amazon. Flowers and Flowering Plants Add Color and Pizzazz to Gardens. The fragrant fruit that seems to melt in your mouth. They also produce tasty palm fruits in the summer that are popular in jams and jellies (hence the name of the plant). This beautiful tropical-looking vine can handle winters down to Zone 6 with some extra protection. Home, Garden and Homestead - Put Down Some Roots with Us. Rosseyanka - A very cold hardy Russian hybrid of American persimmon and the Asian Kaki persimmon. These summer-blooming bulbs are much hardier than they look. Grow giant bird of paradise (Strelitzia Nicolai) to add drama to your garden. However, there are some cold-hardy and easy-care choices for our North Florida gardens that will have your backyard looking like the Amazon in no time! Toad lilies (Tricyrtis sp.) Canna Pink Sunburst has–you guessed it–pink flowers. Fruit trees in this region need to be hardy, capable of handling winter temperatures as low as -40°F. 7 Perfect Patio Fruit Trees for Small Spaces, Great tools make fall yard cleanup easier. $57.99. Great for eating right off the tree, as well as a great addition to salads. As winter approaches, pull mulch and weeds away from the trees to allow solar radiation to heat the soil. Fruit Tree – Jujube, Mulberry, and Quince The Chinese Jujube tree produces an egg size fruit … Has anyone living in zone 8 or 9 attempted tropical fruit trees and been surprised by the cold hardiness? Click here to learn more about clumping bamboo. These cold hardy tropical plants have a wonderful, exotic flair with their uniquely intricate blooms. Just make sure you grow more than one tree for cross-pollination. (Sorry, desert gardeners. With its tropical flair and showstopping flowers the size of dinner plates, what’s not to love about hardy hibiscus?? The tree is a relative of the tropical custard apple.” Hardy Kiwi Hardy Kiwi is native to eastern Russia and China. A semi-dwarf, it can reach a height between 10-12 feet. Palm trees swaying in the breeze. It will reward you with many weeks of blooms from late spring through summer. Pineapple guava is native to South American tropical and subtropical highlands, and shows the greatest cold tolerance of all the guavas, growing in USDA zones 8 through 11. Cut your hardy banana tree to the ground after the first frost and mulch heavily over the stumps. Do your research on proper winterizing before you bring a cold hardy tropical plant home. like many vines -they like sun on the tips, but cool at the roots. Click here to Buy a Musa Basjoo Banana Tree. The Most Cold Hardy Kiwi Variety Every season you will have tons of green kiwis with fuzz-less skin that can be plucked and eaten right off the vine. Do your research, beyond just checking your USDA Growing Zones, to make sure you can provide for your new plant’s needs. Subscribe to our newsletter(s) to stay updated! We have a large assortment of Fruit Tree ready for your garden. Spectacular flowering tree. Here are some good fertilizers for specific types of plants. Grow these bountiful trees for a tropical look and tropical taste! The canna lily is one of those special plants whose foliage is easily as gorgeous as its flowers. Young pawpaw trees cannot tolerate prolonged periods of direct sunlight and therefore are unable to repopulate an area where the parent trees have been cleared for pasture or for urban develop… Improves soil conditions, and helps trees resist disease, insects,and drought. are not nearly as popular as they deserve to be. Its closest relative is the soursop—a broadleaf flowering evergreen tree that grows in the tropical regions of the Americas. Thanks for supporting this website! Cold Hardy tropical plants including Curcuma (Hidden Cone Ginger), Canna (Canna Lilies), Musa (Banana), Hedychium (Ginger Lilies) and more. Can be used for flowering trees, shrubs, tree ferns, orchids, plumeria and more. After watering, allow them to dry out a bit before you water them again. Apple Cocktail Tree Hand Bud Grafted SALE: $36.99 Reg: 39.99. The fruit is smaller than the fuzzy Kiwi, but has smooth, tender skin and is eaten like table grapes. For the more adventurous, the fruits can be fermented into wine. Starting at $69.95 462. This will protect the tough “tropical” plant so it can survive temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Asian Pear Cocktail Tree Rare In anticipation of a temperature drop, protect the trunk of each tree by either mounding soil around its base or wrapping the trunk in bubble wrap. The flowers are traditionally orange, but some varieties feature yellow flowers and even deep red. ... Fruit Tree - Cold Hardy . In colder zones, simply dig up the bulbs in the fall and replant them in the winter. Maypops can survive temperatures below -20 F, and these topical-looking hardy plants can even thrive in a container. Bamboo is the world’s tallest member of the grass family. Click here to check the price on Amazon. Cold-hardy avocado trees thrive in direct sunlight, where they receive at least six hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight per day. Considered a top bloom formula in commercial agriculture, and an excellent fertilizer for virtually all flowering plants. Cold-hard tropical plants, like their cousins that grow in actual tropical climates, benefit from the right plant fertilizers. Cold tolerant to 22°F, this tree can grow to over 40 feet tall in the right conditions. Most of the cold hardy tropical plants mentioned here can withstand very cold temperatures. The plants grow 48-60 inches tall. These fruit are usually found in markets and … Cold hardy tropical banana plants can grow up to 13 feet tall. You can find fig trees easily online at reputable retailers such as So what's the most cold hardy of the Lime family of citrus? Non-GMO organic fertilizer for palm, tropical and hibiscus plants. The large, abundant fruit it produces (up to 30 pounds per paw paw tree!) Fruits may be eaten out-of-hand, discarding the skin and seeds. Higher phosphorus content produces more blooms, while sulfur helps increase soil acidity (which tropical plants love). You can’t get much more tropical than a banana tree. Maypops are tough to find at local garden centers, so buy them online from Logee’s. These trees like highly fertile and well-drained soil and prefer a moderately acidic soil with a pH … Perhaps the largest leaves are found on Jumbo Elephant Ear (Colocasia esculenta). But they require high humidity and consistent moisture to thrive. This is a slow spreading plant that thrives in shade or partial shade in moist, well-drained soil. In the USA you can also call 860-774-8038. If you’ve ever enjoyed the intoxicating smell of a jasmine in full bloom, you’ll be delighted to learn that there is a hardy species. For our more purely ornamental purposes, however, the hardy banana is lovely combined with bright colored annuals or other tropical plants like canna and elephants ear. |, 12 Cold Hardy Tropical Plants to Grow Now. Toad lilies (Tricyrtis sp.) The assortment of mixed canna lily bulbs pictured above offers different colors that bloom all summer long for months of enjoyment. What Are the Temperature Limits for the Satsuma Plant? Sarah– Thanks for your comment. Most of the plants that meet the tropical description hail from warm climates like rainforests and jungles, so it’s no surprise most of them can’t survive our freezing winter temperatures. Everyone loves the feel of the tropics. A fast-acting, organic granular fertilizer for fruit and citrus trees. A high-quality water-soluble concentrated fertilizer that contains no urea. Apple Trees . Check the price of Canna Pink Sunburst. What nails our tropical fruit trees in Texas is the wild temp swings - 80F high one day, Arctic cold front moves in at night with a low of 26F the next morn. Bird of Paradise. The success of growing tender plants (like the hardy banana) at the edge of their growing zone comes down to winterizing properly. Paw Paw trees and Guava trees are native fruits to the U.S. Medlar trees are the most cold hardy tolerant fruit trees in the United States and can be successfully growing in every State. aka Tahiti lime is good only to about 20-22°F. Availability: Only 2 left . Apple trees are often the first ones that people think of when selecting fruit trees. are not nearly as popular as they deserve to be. Hardy fern species, however, are about as tough as they come. The Japanese Painted Fern was the 2004 Perennial plant of the Year. Most fig trees are only hardy to USDA Zone 7, but a select few, like ‘Chicago Hardy’ (pictured here) and ‘Violette de Bordeaux,’ can handle winters down to Zone 5. Availability: In stock . Hardy to -25 F, Hardy Kiwi is not as well-known as its fuzzy cousin. We sell cold-hardy fruit trees suited to Canada's northern climate. Cold Hardy Tree, Asian pears (sometimes referred to as "apple pears") are extremely juicy and crisp. Protect young tropical fruit trees during cold winter nights by draping them with a blanket or frost cloth. Mulch will keep weeds down and make your garden beds pretty. (Certified organic means no synthetic chemicals.) So, grow tropical plants in a greenhouse. If a tree's leaves dropped, do not water the tree until it begins new growth; doing so will avoid root rot. These exotic plants make your temperate garden resemble a tropical paradise. Read Backyard Greenhouses for Every Budget for more info.). Mounts Botanical Garden: Tropical Fruit in Your Garden, University of Florida IFAS Extension: Freeze Protection of Tropical Fruit Crops in Florida. Do not skimp on mulch! In Zone 4, many varieties of berries, Plums, Persimmons, Cherries, and Apricots do very well. For a nice cold hardy tropical plant that gives fruit as a bonus, you can’t go wrong with a fig tree. Elephant ears make a wonderful tropical accent, whether you can grow them in the ground year-round or need to bring them inside during the winter. leaves in one season. They can also be used in jams and jellies, fresh fruit salads, sherbets and cobblers. Keeping the trees in good health is the best protection against cold for them, but using additional measures is smart. They can grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) plant hardiness zones 9 through 11, where the yearly low temperatures remain above 20 degrees Fahrenheit. These trees are widely adaptable to different soils and climates, and their fruits are delicious when cooked, dried or picked right off the tree. White orchid tree, White Mountain Ebony. However, clumping varieties are hardy, low maintenance plants that are a delight in any garden in Zones 5-9. Trees that have some age, are lignified (woody) and have been acclimated to cold can laugh at the cold hardiness ratings on the label or published in guidelines. She is a self-described horticulture nerd and plant addict with more than 10 years of experience in the garden industry. Variegated Pink Lemon Citrus Tree Grafted 5 Gallon $57.99. List of Uncommon Cold Hardy Fruit Trees (Gardening Zones 3-7) The hardiest fruit trees are Apples, Pears, and Plums which survive Zone 3 temperatures (-30 degrees to -40 degrees Fahrenheit). She has written reviews for the book blog ieatbooks and also operates an organic gardening business. For tender tropical-looking plants, it’s a 100% requirement. Your email address will not be published. Cold-Hardy Banana Trees – Banana trees are fun to grow and make an attractive landscape plant or cheery addition to a sunroom. This is especially true if your garden is at the colder edge of its growing zone. Interestingly, the fruits form on the trunk of the tree and not on terminal branches as most other fruits. Exotic flowers with intoxicating aromas. Care Tips for Cold Hardy Varieties. Their optimal growing conditions include full sun, sandy soil full of organic matter, good soil drainage and aeration, and protection from high wind. Hardy banana trees grow rapidly, as much as 12 feet (3.5 m.) with 6-inch (15 cm.) Cold Hardy Avocado Tree. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There are many varieties of elephant ear plants that can make a huge impression in your garden. Handcrafted from human and feed grade ingredients, and enriched with multi-minerals. We cover an extensive variety of cold hardy plants in our plantabase. In fact, a Jelly palm can withstand winters down to 10 degrees F. This tough, cold hardy tropical plant is one of very few palm trees able to handle freezing temperatures. The medlar fruit is unique in many respects including its shape, ripe fruit color of chocolate, its mixture of exotic flavors and the extreme cold hardy tree character that makes it possible to grow in every State of the U.S. New cultivars of medlar have been introduced from Europe and the Mid-East that offer distinct differences for favorably growing in most fruit orchards. It also insulates your plants’ roots against hot and cold temperatures, and it is vital for retaining moisture in the soil. © 2020 - Home, Garden and Homestead. Fruit Tree cold hardy tropical plants. If you live in Zone 6 or below, you can grow them in a pot or in the ground. Jelly palms stay nice and compact, especially in cooler climates, only growing to about 10-20 feet tall. Soil. Cold-hardy avocado trees enjoy tropical temperatures, but can withstand temperatures of down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Some less cold-hardy tropical fruit trees that grow well in containers include avacado, papaya and pineapple. Jumbo Elephant Ear bulbs can sometimes be found at local garden centers, but they are also available online. Most of the cold hardy tropical plants featured here do not require much specialized care. But starting at the end of every summer, they dazzle as they burst into bloom. It’s important to remember that the cold tolerance of each of these varieties refers to the mature tree. $36.99 . Check price on Amazon. This ornamental fruit tree will grow up to 2 feet per week during the summer when planted outdoors, reaching a maximum of 16 feet at maturity. Just make sure to give them plenty of sunlight and water. Our specialty is rare and unusual plants suitable for the greater Houston / Rosenberg area, including bamboo, tropical and cold hardy fruit trees, bedding plants, vegetables, seeds, gift and collector plants, succulents and cacti, gingers, roses, bromeliads, and herbs. Plants like the hardy banana and canna lily are proof that almost everyone can grow a garden with a tropical look and feel. Cold damage often occurs in tropical fruit trees when they are least prepared for a drop in temperature, not during the lowest temperatures. Starting at $39.95 ... Our Tropical Fruit Trees can be planted in your garden, backyard, or in a container for your patio or indoor spaces without effort. You’ll have the best success growing these plants in a humid indoor environment. Click here to check the price on Amazon. Several days before an expected frost or freeze, water the trees well because water stores heat, protecting the trees from freezing. Toad lilies are prized for their attractive foliage for most of the year. Though not a true tropical plant (the yucca hails from the Southwest and Mexico), this hardy … It is self fertile. As the regions get warmer, you have more options for fruit trees. Happy growing! Growing most tropical fruit trees is just out of reach for gardeners in areas that experience freezing temperatures each winter. You can purchase hardy Jasmine at Specific varieties of each tropical fruit tree may be more or less suited to cold temperatures than other varieties. Persian lime? So, make sure you give it plenty of space. How Long Does It Take for a Guava Tree to Be Full Grown? Following a freeze, wait two to six months before pruning dead wood because the extra vegetation helps to insulate the trees in future freezes; furthermore, determining which wood is dead and which is still alive can be difficult when pruning earlier. Additionally, reduce fertilizer until new growth forms, at which point you can fertilize frequently but sparingly. The following Pawpaw article was written by Ron Cook of Moodys, OklahomaPawpaw trees are an endangered species and as such, are very hard to find in most States, due to the deforestation of North America.Pawpaws are typically an under story tree, found growing from the forest floor in subdued sunlight. But before the first frost, bring your potted elephant ears plant indoors and dig up the corms (bulbs) in the ground and store them in a cool, dry place until spring. They are easy to grow and widely adaptable. It will … Sadly, these banana plants won’t produce edible bananas. More Information About Tropical Looking Plants. Some tropical and subtropical fruit trees are more cold-hardy than others, however. They come in a wide variety of textures and colors, from the classic evergreen Cyrtomium fortunei (Zones 5-9) to the stunning silver-plated Japanese Painted Fern (Zones 4-8). We email once per month with gardening tips and once per month with home tips. And because this tree originates in America, it is cold hardy, pest resistant and virtually maintenance free. Plus, they give an unparalleled flower show from summer through fall. Its 2-3 inch fruit … But did you know you can grow cold hardy tropical plants as far north as New York State? The exotic tropical foliage and flower colors make canna lilies a garden favorite. Asian Pear Tree Grafted in a 3 Gallon Container. 3' - 4' $36.95 . The evergreen feijoa or pineapple guava (Feijoa sellowiana) is a South American native that is hardy to 10 degrees F. It grows as a rounded shrub or small tree up to 15 feet high with small, rounded leaves. Citrus Tree cold hardy tropical plants. Tropical fruit trees that can grow in USDA zone 9a are the most cold-hardy; they can withstand low temperatures of 20 and 25 F. Banana, kumquat and tamarind trees grow in USDA zone 9a, as do the lesser-known caimito, canistel and white sapote trees. So they are ill-suited to constant or automatic irrigation. But it helps to be prepared and to do your research before buying. Like its tropical cousins, the maypop dazzles with exotic, unique flowers that last from mid-summer through fall. This persimmon produces flattish, red-orange fruit that is 2 ½ inches which ripens in late fall. These unique kiwis are about the size of a grape with smooth, firm skin and soft juicy flesh. Started by GregW. Check price on Amazon. These Apple, Cherry, Peach, Plum, Apricot, Nectarine, Pear, Asian Pear, Almond, and Walnut trees can be expected to grow and thrive in climates rated as being within USDA Cold Hardiness Zone 4. ... Kaffir Lime Asian Citrus Fruit Tree 5 Gallon $59.99. For a surefire way to grow the Alano Sapodilla fruit you know and love in a convenient container size, look to Silas Wood Sapodilla.This semi-dwarf, tropical evergreen fruit tree has a great overlap with other varieties of Manilkara zapota.The Silas Wood Sapodilla is slow-growing, but will fruit after just 2 years, making it one of the smallest reliably fruiting tropical fruit trees. Practice good cultural responses to help save the trees. It’s large leaves are striped with shades of dark green, dark pink and ivory. The Internet's Finest Tropical Fruit Discussion Forum! And several of them are native to North America. Click here to check the price and availability. Hardy hibiscus such as “Lord Baltimore” and “Plum Crazy” (pictured above) are the result of many decades of careful breeding. Yucca. Feijoa. By incorporating some of these cold hardy tropical plants in your garden, you can enjoy your own tropical stay-cation without leaving your backyard! The tree is cold hardy and likes plenty of water. This massive plant can easily grow 6 feet tall, and they have been known to reach 9 feet tall. Some of the most dramatic varieties of canna lilies feature very dark foliage that calls attention to the plants even when they are not in flower. Provide your hardy jasmine vine with a trellis to climb on, and plenty of sun and water. In warmer climates, this vine can get very aggressive. These wonderful plants can make a delightful addition to any garden that’s inspired by the tropics. Can be used in soil and foliar applications. Because cold-hardy tropical plants can be hard to find in local stores, we have included some of our favorite website sources for these plants. USDA zone 3 is particularly cold with plenty of snow. And luckily for most gardeners, there are a few varieties of this cold hardy tropical plant that can survive as far north as New England (USDA Zone 5). These shrubby perennials look very similar to their tender tropical relatives. With a few exceptions, such as the Toad Lily, most plants prefer to be watered deeply. In order to produce full harvests of fruit, tropical fruit trees require particular growing conditions, which are similar to their native growing conditions. Hardy ferns are ideal for shady areas of the garden. Please send me a catalogue for everything you have in stock for 2020 thanks, sarah. I am in north Florida near Georgia border, curious with what I could get away with. In fact, the paw paw is the only temperate member of a very tropical family of trees. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. can’t survive year-round in climates colder than USDA Zone 7, but they still deserve a special mention in this list of cold hardy tropical plants. Learn more about growing fig trees in containers in our story on growing Perfect Patio Fruit Trees. They can grow in partial shade as well, but will produce fewer fruit. Canna lily bulbs can be found at local garden center stores, but the largest selection of different varieties and different flower colors is typically available online. The Basjoo banana is the most cold tolerant banana tree in the world. Click here to learn more about clumping bamboo. Mulching is always a good idea. When the correct protective measures against cold weather are used, their fresh, exotic fruits are available anytime for your favorite tropical recipe. Sign up for one or both! It's a jungle out there! Ralph and Kathy Denton of Pungo Palms Nursery in Virginia Beach specialize in rare and hardy palm trees, cold hardy cactus, and hardy sub-tropical plants. Fast growing, good shade tree. Check price on Amazon. Tropical fruit trees do not become dormant in winter like temperate plants, and, therefore, they do not tolerate freezing temperatures. The large, tender-skinned, green fruit has a 30 percent oil content, giving the firm flesh a rich and creamy texture. Some varieties even have striped, multi-colored leaves. The centers show a flash of yellow to make the flowers really pop in a garden setting. You can also find hardy banana plants at Tropical Fruit Forum - International Tropical Fruit Growers » Citrus » Cold Hardy Citrus (Moderator: Millet) Pages: [1] 2 3... 12 Subject / Started by Replies / Views Last post ; Arctic Frost Ready to Pick? (Certified organic means no synthetic chemicals.) Additionally, several tropical fruit trees grow well in containers, making it possible to bring those plants indoors once the first frost arrives. Toad Lily. But the cold hardy tropical plants can withstand winter temperatures down to USDA Zone 4. And even though they are reddish-orange, they taste like a real lime. Temperature . Elephant ears (Colocasia spp.) In Zones 5 and 6, for example, you will need to cut your banana to the ground and mulch it with a pile of straw for extra protection from the cold. OMRI listed for organic gardening by USDA. is said to taste like banana custard. Their contact info: Pungo Palms Nursery, 1201 N Muddy Creek Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23456-4133; 757-426-3677. The most cold hardy of all bauhinias, cold hardy to at least 26F. Balanced ingredients to encourage flower blooms. When most people imagine ferns, they think of the popular (but delicate) houseplants such as Boston ferns. Our fruit trees are grown naturally and have been selected from over four hundred varieties that we are testing to offer you the very best trees that can be grown in Canada. Cold damage can affect the trees in a variety of ways, including ruining their crop or killing the trees. Welcome to Hardy Fruit Tree Nursery . Jessica Ford is an avid gardener and garden writer based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. All Rights Reserved. Plus, they are very easy to grow in USDA zones 8-11. Not all plants are the same, and not all plants need the same nutrients in the same amounts. RECOMMENDED FERTILIZERS: SUNSHINE Megaflor - Bloom Nutrition Booster Tropical Allure - Smart-Release Booster This vigorous vine is the hardiest of the passion flowers (Passiflora spp.). In fact, a hardy jasmine needs a cold spell in winter in order to bloom the following spring. Try a few of these cold hardy tropical plants yourself for a fun and unique garden experience. Click here to check the price and availability. They can be protected by moving them indoors when the outdoor temperature drops. The Jelly palm, also known as the Pindo palm, is one of the toughest palm trees around. The enormous leaves that give elephant ear plants their name simply scream “tropical.” And the giant leaves will give your garden a serious “Wow!” factor. Bamboo is an aggressive grower, and many species can be invasive. Many gardeners call this variety the most decorative landscape fern, because its striking gray-green fronds and red stems. As if that wasn’t enough, the plants are surprisingly tough. With its stunningly pretty flowers and beautiful vining habit– not to mention its tasty fruit– the maypop is the perfect fit for cold climate gardeners looking for a tropical vibe. Availability: Only 2 left . We have a large assortment of Citrus Tree ready for your garden. But they will delight you with their broad tropical leaves and vigorous growth. A fast-acting, organic granular fertilizer for fruit and citrus trees. These lilies prefer partial shady areas with rich, loamy soil. Rather than taking the “little and often” approach, water thoroughly—but only when your plant needs it. Plant new tropical fruit trees during the rainy season to help them establish strong root systems in their first year. Soil The massive bulb is bigger than a large pineapple! Jelly palms are available at Nature Hills Nursery. Hardy Tropicals is devoted to growing cold hardy plants and tropical gardening. These cold hardy and resilient fruit trees are known to withstand temperatures down to -30° F / -35° C! Most tropical fruit trees require dry periods in order to flower. The flowers show a base of white with a splattering of raspberry purple on the petals. Other plants, such as the fig tree, may also need to be brought into a shed or garage to sit out the winter cold. These cold hardy … Pineapple Guava. Also read Flowers and Flowering Plants Add Color and Pizzazz to Gardens. Olivia Silva began writing poems and short stories in 2002. The time consuming task of peeling fruit isn’t necessary with Meader Hardy Kiwis. Growing cold hardy tropical plants is an exhilarating experience. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Cold-weather damage appears on tropical fruit trees in the forms of wilted, brown and/or hanging leaves, brown and shriveled fruit, and discolored wood. Silva holds an Associate of Arts from Seattle Central Community College and studied forestry at the University of Washington. Banana trees winter care is simple. Apply fertilizer to them three times per year, using a fertilizer blend made for tropical fruit plants, such as one with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N-P-K) values of 8-3-9. ... Kiwi is definitely not tropical, it is hardy in zone 8a. Learn more about the hardy hibiscus’s fascinating history, and purchase a Hardy Hibiscus ‘Minerva.’. Clumping bamboo does not spread, so it makes a great choice for a privacy hedge between yards or a focal point in the landscape. Like all plants, cold hardy tropical plants have specific light, water and soil needs. Growing Zones: 8-11 outdoors Ice Cream Banana Tree. Improves soil conditions, and helps trees resist disease, insects,and drought. $45.99 . These palms can grow in containers, so gardeners in Zones 6 and colder can still enjoy them. The paw paw seems tropical—even though it’s not. Native to the Southeastern U.S., the Dwarf Palmetto (Sabal minor) is one of the most cold-hardy palm trees in zone 7.The typical specimen can handle temperatures as low as 0 F without leaf damage, and a specific variety called McCurtain has been known to survive temperatures as low as -24 F. The Dwarf Palmetto is recommended for Zones 7-11.. Hardy Tropicals — Zone Denial Garden Enthusiasts Unite. When you click one of our links to a recommended product, Home, Garden and Homestead will receive a small for qualifying sales.

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