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amp video_youtube Jun 20 on 06.02.2020 | 4:00 PM | SIMI VALLEY – Hundreds gathered to peacefully demand justice and equality at a Black Lives Matter protest, Tuesday evening. Another protester led the crowd in a moment of silence. At the Nov. 10 board meeting, District 3 Supervisor Kelly Long commended staff at all levels for working with community leaders, nonprofits and organizations to have hard conversations about race, diversity and inclusion. “We can now start to build a bridge of trust to those who have historically been disenfranchised. It had only been eight days since the 18-year-old recent high school graduate first had the idea to organize a Black Lives Matter protest in her hometown of Simi Valley, Calif., a suburb outside of Los Angeles. The petitions, created by Katie R and a Simi Valley resident on Thursday, pointed out that this wasn’t the first time Judge has shared inappropriate content on his Facebook and Twitter accounts. “We’ve been doing this all for Black Lives Matter, you know, all of us matter,” Sellers said. Editors Picks Good Simi Samaritan stops for Senior in distress <3. Editors Picks Black Lives Matter Group Raising Funds For Firearms Training. It’s harder still when I see posts like “All Lives Matter” in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. The crowd chanted, “People not profits.”. Protesters hold signs as they march down Alamo Street toward the Simi Valley Police Department. “We have definitely heard concerns expressed and so this is a very good opportunity to take an inward look at how we can be more inclusive,” Parks told the Acorn this week. Please. Black Lives Matter March in Simi Valley. She said she came out to show her support for the Black Lives Matter movement. A Timeline of Outbreaks from 2000 to Present, Cut the Cameras: Students Opt to Shut Off Camera During Zoom Classes, Results in 15 minutes: Rapid COVID-19 testing at CSUN available next week, Five trending social media challenges during COVID-19 quarantine, President Harrison announces new grant fund to boost diversity at CSUN, Jackie Lacey’s husband charged after pointing gun at BLM-L.A. activists, United Teachers storm Twitter demanding Cal State L.A. to appoint Melina Abdullah as Ethnic Studies dean, Lawsuit against L.A. County over death of Quinten Thomas moving to trial. George Floyd Protest in Simi Valley, 2,000 attended for Black Lives Matter As a retired L.A. Unified School District teacher, he considers himself an advocate for the younger generation. Kaylin, 14, who has a Black father and four Black siblings, was holding the sign. There is a lot of work to be done,” Salas said. Battenwear Supports Black Lives Matter. So the owner is asking people to remove face masks before walking into his store; and he's skeptical of what he sees as hysteria over the COVID outbreak. The expressions on their faces summed up the emotions the grieving parents of Gunnery Sgt. And he fueled the anger further by arguing against a protest march planned for Simi Valley over fears that it … A protester, who identified himself as a small business owner of a veterinary clinic in Simi Valley, spoke to the crowd about using his white privilege to advocate for Black lives. The protest was entirely peaceful and lasted … “It’s invaluable because us listening to each other is where we start. “Mike Judge’s comment about using (septic tank) hoses to shut us up is a racist comment,” said Ricard, who drew a connection between Judge’s post to the ’60s when high-pressure hoses were used on Black people in the South. This past week Judge enraged many Simi Valley residents and others when he joked about an offensive meme on Facebook regarding the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests. Inspired by the continued Black Lives Matter protests across the world please join local Simi Valley youth organizers in making these demands to the Simi Valley Unified School Dis There were plenty of hugs and smiles passed around at Simi Valley High's homecoming Friday night, but there were also tears of frustration. She added that she likes “actionable items,” and this proclamation provides many opportunities for that, particularly partnering with law enforcement and improving healthcare options for underserved populations. The protests, many of them led by Black Lives Matter … DMCA NoticesNewspaper web site content management software and services. I get treated a lot better than Black people would,” she said. “I like the idea that we’re now doing what we can as a government agency to ensure that the public understands the priority of inclusionary procedures.”. The protest in Simi Valley was organized by two black teenagers -- Mikiiya Foster and Alyssa Brown -- who grew up in the area and just graduated from high school. Michael Sardo-June 7, 2020. CALL FOR ACTION—About 2,000 protesters gather near the Simi Valley police station during a Black Lives Matter solidarity rally organized by a local 18-year-old on June 6. The company didn’t immediately explain its redesign, but has already tweeted about the “long-standing racism and injustices faced by Black and Brown people on a daily basis.” Other goals include collaborating with community members and authorities to establish an advisory group to foster communication and identify public concerns, incorporating inclusion and diversity into county services, and endorsing the task force’s work to review policies and procedures preventing racism. The approval of the proclamation shows that the county is open to having “difficult and uncomfortable conversations around race, justice and inequities,” Rahman said in a statement released by the county Nov. 10. “While it is not perfect, it is without a doubt a step in the right direction,” Rahman said. Simi Valley brush fire burns 1,648 acres in red flag conditions. The voices of those who have been silenced by systemic violence and oppression “My wife and myself are gonna put our money where our mouth is. Diego Pongo were feeling as they watched a surprise car parade in their Simi Valley neighborhood. Get Simi Valley Store store hours and driving directions, buy online, and pick up in-store at 255 Cochran St, Simi Valley, CA 93065 or call 805-581-1666 Save money. -- 10 a.m., the USC Black Alumni Association will march in support of Black Lives Matter. ... more suburban areas of Southern California from Simi Valley to Lake Forest. “I am very privileged, personally, because I don’t pass as a Black person even though I am. As the crowd gathered around the Simi Valley Police Department, protesters used a megaphone to lead chants for George Floyd and Breanna Taylor. The Simi Valley police force was armed and present at different areas where the protesters were headed. Hundreds of Black Lives Matter supporters rally in Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley “I’m not in favor of defunding them,” said Van Dolkinburg, who works part time in real estate. wpeditor “There was an altercation just because people had different views but at the same time at the end of the altercation, they were standing for the same thing. By CBSLA Staff October 22, ... Moorpark, Simi Valley Residents Experiencing Long Delays In Amazon Prime Deliveries. ... age 3-11, that all the Black people from LA are coming to Simi Valley to target white families and murder them and loot their homes.... so they’re here. As the protesters reached the police station, an altercation occurred between a young protester and an older white man who criticized the protest. Simi Valley Councilman Mike Judge at ... - Los Angeles Times “Your actions thus far demonstrate that it is not simply a statement of rhetoric but an intentional step towards transforming the County of Ventura. The group kneeled for eight minutes, 46 seconds — in honor of Floyd. November 20, 2020, CALL FOR ACTION—About 2,000 protesters gather near the Simi Valley police station during a Black Lives Matter solidarity rally organized by a local 18-year-old on June 6. Judge has since removed Monday’s post. “It is our goal for this to become part of our culture to best serve our community,” Powers said. SIMI VALLEY, Calif. (KABC) -- One of the dozens of protests that took place across Southern California Saturday was led and organized by a recent high school graduate. Police blocked a few state Route 118 exit ramps, including Tapo Canyon. The young girl who organized this protest is Black, and she’s received a lot of threats. The supervisors’ proclamation was written in response to the public outcry over the tragic deaths this year of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and others and the systemic racism that inequitably impacts Black people, Indigenous people and other people of color. Ray Wright (ph) is from Simi Valley. Systemic racism exists, she said, and acknowledging it is a big step. Written by City Manager Brian Gabler and city staff, it denounced the deaths mentioned in the county proclamation and acknowledged the protests and demonstrations across the country demanding equitable treatment of people, regardless of their race, color, ethnicity, national origin or protected status. Our city has for too long been known for racial injustice and our leaders have an obligation to promote justice on all levels of our city. In a statement, Melina Abdullah, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter L.A., ... MORE ON THE SIMI VALLEY PROTESTS TODAY: Today's LA Protests: Where, When And What We Know (LIVE UPDATES) Wicht was raped and strangled to death with an 11-foot macrame rope in her home, The Los Angeles Times reported. Per the proclamation, which was approved during the board’s Nov. 10 meeting, the county will work collaboratively with community stakeholders, law and justice agencies, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force, health care professionals and others to address public concerns, review practices and more effectively allocate resources to serve all residents equally. By continuing to browse or by clicking 'Accept', you agree to our sites privacy policy. We are creating this post for anyone who wants to learn about Battenwear's stance on the Black Lives Matter movement. He also said he was proud to see many young people at the protest because it concerned their future. That disparity inequality and social justice has been heightened even more during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the supervisors noted. Grandparents wrap selves in trash bags to visit grandsons. The Simi Valley Democratic Club and the Ventura County Democratic Party both called for Judge to resign, according to the paper. Kaylin also talked about her own privilege as a mixed Black person. “I certainly believe that racism affects public health and that we should do more to promote equality in our community, especially in government and public policy,” Huber told the Acorn this week. The Ventura County Board of Supervisors is being praised by local community groups for its unanimous approval last week of a proclamation branding racism a public health crisis. He captioned the post, “This is brilliant, it will also enforce the mask rule!!.”. Amongst the crowd of protesters, one of the signs read: “This is for my generation.”. “We value our longstanding relationships with so many community stakeholders. In Simi Valley, the City Council approved a similar proclamation on July 27 that acknowledged the “historic role that government may have played in perpetuating social inequities along racial lines.”. ... White people have gentrified Black Lives Matter. Don’t call or text me and ask me what to read or how to support me. Acorn file photo. Maxillian, 29, a protester from Lobo, Kentucky, stepped in to de-escalate the situation by telling the young protester, “It’s about love, chill out.” He then turned to the crowd and said, “If you guys react to this, (people against Black Lives Matter protests) win!.”. If anything put me in between that altercation, it was love,” Maxillian said. Editors Picks Ruth-Gate – The public in their own words. “To be part of this team, to me, is very important. Juneteenth rallies in Simi and Thousand Oaks have same message: Black lives matter Hundreds of people gathered in Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks to mark Juneteenth and support Black Lives Matter. Judge, a 30-year Los Angeles Police Department veteran, shared a meme with the text “Wanna stop the Riots? the end.” on his personal Facebook page on Monday. Protesters call for Simi Valley council member’s resignation, march for Black lives, CORONAVIRUS DAILY UPDATE: 5,150 new cases, 17 dead in L.A. County. Ricard said he’s never experienced racism firsthand in Simi Valley, but he remembered seeing racist signs in the area when former President Barack Obama was elected. You have 2 more free access views left.

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