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But there are drawbacks. Vintage acoustic guitar strings to bring out your guitar's true voice. 99 They’re more durable, too. 99. Very strong but not overpowering mids make for very musical and articulate playing, even with the tone rolled right off. Treated guitar strings from an acoustic legend. For smaller bodied acoustic guitars, lighter gauge strings might complement the sound better, and vice-versa, with thicker strings a better fit sound-wise for larger bodied jumbo and concert models. Acoustic guitars come in a variety of shapes and tonewood configurations. That’s a really useful review! Phosphor bronze strings tend to sound a little darker and warmer than bronze. Short-scale Acoustic-electric Bass Travel Guitar with Mahogany Top, Back, and Sides, Mahogany Neck, Laurel Fingerboard, and U-BASS Electronics - Natural Satin $ 249 .99 Or $42 /month § for 6 months The Aluminum Bronze set has a nice natural playability, with the copper and aluminium wrappings over Maraging steel hex core promising long life without coating. Also, the second bass is to be tuned down to low B, I got rid of my 5 string and now intend to run two mustangs, one standard one tuned down. The gauge is very important with short scales, as to my ears anything under .105 for the E string gives it a floppy feeling. Nothing special, good-enough, not as bright as others. 13 – 56, the tension of the strings would need to increase to account for the additional mass of the new strings. I am a long time guitarist but a few days ago I had an opportunity to play 95′ korean Fenix SH, 30,5 scale. The best acoustic guitar strings with reduced string noise for recording, Price: $15.99/£12.61 | Material: EXP-coated phosphor bronze. I like a string with a bit of tension, not too floppy. and the neck width is 1.75 in. I bought a whole selection but the first ones that arrived were a medium scale Rotosound swing bass set. Classical guitar strings are referred to as having high or low tension, with high tension strings offering a heavier feel and low tension a more easy to play feel. Lighter gauge strings are easier to get a handle on, to fret and bend, and they sound a lot brighter. The Piccolo strings they make are long scale but cut down just fine for short. I honestly though the bass must be a dud, with some serious problems I hadn’t spotted when I bought it. Shall be following from now on. This doesn’t work on Danelectro basses sadly due to their tiny little guitar-style tuners. The 24.9” short scale model’s neck features a modified low oval profile with Performing Artist taper, with a width of 1-3/4” at the nut and 2-5/32” string spacing for easy playability. But was looking advice on strings, some places say bridge replacement can help too, although the size of the body might not take a badass for example, or fender hi-mass. I’ve ordered a couple of sets of GHS strings since they made thier winding length longer. resultantly my longscale gets played & my short scale doesn’t. Take your time doing it – there is a risk you could damage the string although I’ve done this countless times with no problem whatsoever. Which gauge could You recommand for playing with a pick? having problems with intonation with any string i try. When it comes to selecting the best acoustic guitar strings for you, there are a few considerations to be made about material, gauge, and price. In a set of classical strings, the top three strings are made from clear or rectified nylon, with the bottom three typically using bronze or silverplayed copper wire wrapped around a multi-filament core. I have GHS Bassboomers on it. Thanks for advice about not nuclear picking on shorties anyway, I often do it on guitar and long scale bass , hello, recommendations, hence I’m turning to you for some Brand, gauge, length, material… thanks! ... For any serious guitarist who is looking for the best short scale electric guitar, this the one that I recommend to take the music to the next level. I’d go with GHS Precision Flats, personally. Hi Liz – I, too, have a TW15 and would like to try flat-wounds (see below). My gratitude and thanks for a great review. Weird really as there is a clear market for bassists wanting to play lower notes. Ugh, I hate silks. What am I going to do? Website –, Optima Gold-Plated 10/10. Short scale guitars come in 3 sizes: 1/4 scale; 1/2 scale; 3/4 scale Another one to try from GHS is their Balanced Nickels. Industry-leading acoustic guitar manufacturers such as Talyor, Martin, Jasmine and Yamaha all have dedicated short-scale guitars for those with smaller hands. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. We stock a large variety of these basses from various manufacturers. Learn More. Fender 6 String Mustang 90, Rosewood Fingerboard. Elixir is the first name in coated guitar strings, and this coated phosphor bronze light/medium hybrid (0.013-0.053) set has been treated with Nanoweb, which not only keeps the strings fresh longer, and protects the entire string, but reduces finger squeak. The good news about acoustic guitar strings is that even top-tier strings are affordable, so cost shouldn't be a deterrent in purchasing your dream strings. I had that fixed and are very satisfied with the bass. Their flatwounds have a great vintage tone and a nice feel. Having tested many over the last 40 years or so, I always seem to come back to light gauge Martin strings, which are great for picking acoustic blues guitar. What we think of today as an acoustic guitar was developed in the early 20th century for players seeking more volume than traditionally constructed guitars could provide. Fender Scott. Both their flatwound and roundwound strings sound superb. Guitar strings are measured in 1/000th of an inch, and packaged in sets that are typically referred to by their thinnest string, the high E. So a “set of 12s” will have a high E string that has a 12 gauge, measuring 0.012-inches across its diameter. 10/10. Hi Scott, Commonly used short scales … Ernie Ball Acoustic Bass guitar strings is a gem of a product that is made up of 92% copper, 7.7% tin, 0.3% phosphorus… Ernie Ball Earthwood Extra Soft Silk And Steel, 8. Usually short scale means 24.9", 24.75", or 630mm (classicals). I’ve always had a set of 50-105 D’addario on my short scale basses, and even Eb tuning would sound great. Also is shipping affordable? Thanx. Hope you’re holding up ok under current conditions. Fender Squier Short Scale (24") Stratocaster ... 4.6 out of 5 stars 455. Because children have smaller hands and arms, it’s best to purchase short-scale guitars for them instead of a full-sized guitar. It’s a real shame because they feel great and playing fast on them is a breeze. Hi Scott, thank you that great review. We’ve included a short-list of some of our favourite and most reliable acoustic guitar strings based on personal experience below. I’ve got a set on order as we speak so will report back when fitted and tried. Their stainless steel roundwounds have an incredible growl to them that I’ve not heard in other strings – very aggressive. I can’t thank you enough for prolonging my career. The trade-off is that you lose some of that bottom end. It wasn’t till I’d come to terms with a few things I sold my beloved P bass back to her last owner as she is too lovely to sit in a box, so got her out for a play for old times sake. Superstar singer songwriter Ed Sheeran has entertained stadiums playing his Martin LX-1E signature model, and is responsible for popularizing the travel sized acoustic guitar worldwide. Love it apart from the string headache. The Epiphone EL-00 PRO Acoustic/Electric guitar is a direct descendent of Epiphone’s original line of flattop guitars designed during the golden age of acoustic guitars in the 1930s. © Recently discovered your basses via Ebay and was intrigued. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Nickel open-geared tuners with butterbean knobs are found with a rosewood headplate, which displays a large old style Martin logo. You may try the “Höfner Contempary Bass Strings roundwound HCT1133R”. They come .040, .060, .075 and .095. If you try any, please let me know how they sound. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Don't miss the latest deals, news, reviews, features and tutorials. I’d order medium scale sets to be safe (you still need the extra length for through body stringing too). The Thomastik JF324 are for 32″ scale. Here's a generic guide to acoustic guitar string gauges: I love the fender growl, and I can get that from these Basses, but I find the tone/sound across all the strings a bit variable, can get punchy low, and nice treble, but the whole bass can sound a little inconsistent. Any suggestions? The heavier the strings, the harder they are for a beginner to play. Looking for informations about short and medium scale basses I found this page and Your SWB model, which seems to be very interesting too. Not as good as D’Addario and their electric short scale strings are (I think) only available in Nickel. Using your search string, I got 805 hits. Extra light: .010 .014 .023 .030 .039 .047 Our biggest piece of advice would be to pick up a few options and get restringing and experimenting! Im looking strings for a five-strings short scale bass of 30′, any idea? The E string sounds a bit dead compared to the others, has strange indertones and was a disaster to intonate, pluck the string at the twelfth and its starts off about a quater tone sharp then settles down to pitch, which makes intonating fun!….This was the case with all the strings, however I like the tension of them, but they will have to go as I just can’t cope when at certain frets they sound out of tune, a real shame… the grand scheme of things they are cheap, but its still a waste of good beer tokens! On most shorties you’ll have to carefully wrap a little of the wound part of the string round the tuning post. Please feel free to email me at on if you have any questions. Best Steel String Acoustic Guitar for Small Hands. The reality, however, is that for most people with proper technique and a lot of practice, you should be be able finger the proper chords correctly on any guitar. P.S. A back-to-the-future move from Martin saw these strings launched back in 2014; think of these as a vintage string. Here in the UK the most commonly available sets os short scale strings are Rotosound’s RS66s 40-90 stainless steel roundwound & RS77s monel flatwound 40-90. If for example you normally play light gauge acoustic guitar strings e.g. Our unique featherweight coating protects your strings from the elements and keeps corrosion away. The second set of strings to arrive were the TI Jazz round wounds. String gauge refers to the thickness of the string, measured in thousandths of an inch. Hi Mel, I tried a set of these a couple of years ago. Please note this list of new basses is updated every week, however to find out what is in stock from each manufacturer more accurately please click on their name in the left hand menu. With their distinctively narrow bodies and short scale lengths, parlor guitars are the smallest of all six-string flattop acoustics—as much as three … It's easy to neglect changing the strings on your acoustic guitar. Anyroadup looking for a replacement fot the Rotosound disaster, which Labella set are the “growlers”, I’m a bit confused by the range……but I do like a growler! Would you have any string recommendations for a Gibson SG short-scale (30″) bass? Finally I have some time to catch up on here. I cant find anything on the subject! The brand has remained… D’Addario Pro-Arte Laser Selected Classical Strings, 9. Unless you are getting a special deal or the strings are being offered as add-on items at a reduced price, you probably won't find the quality you want in … Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar, Right, Brown Sunburst (GSRM20BS) ... Fender Squier Short Scale (24") Stratocaster - Transparent Red Learn-to-Play Bundle with Frontman 10G Amp, Cable, Tuner, Strap, Picks, Fender Play Online Lessons, and Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD ... Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar. We carry a wide variety of the best acoustic guitar strings at Just Strings. I played acoustic guitar almost exclusively for quite a while. Bath Gibson Masterbuilt Premium Phosphor Bronze, Ernie Ball Aluminium Bronze acoustic guitar strings, Dean Markley Blue Steel acoustic guitar strings, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, Buyers' guides to all the best music gear, Free music samples: download loops, hits and multis from SampleRadar, The best DAWs 2020: the best digital audio workstations for PC and Mac, 8 best keyboards for beginners and kids 2020: Start playing today with these top beginner keyboards, The 12 best audio interfaces 2020: top audio interfaces for music-making and production, The 15 best MIDI keyboards 2020: Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad MIDI controller keyboards for beginners to pros, Discover new music and watch shows from around the world with Show4me’s new app and enhanced site, Roland MC-707 and MC-101: two Grooveboxes that are just getting better with age, Steve Lukather on guitar tab: "Why would you learn that if you can learn how to read music? The strings on your acoustic steel string or classical guitar have a major impact on its sound and playability. Now both these are from Factory with strings bridge etc, haven’t been to my tech to set them up for me yet. Your bass has re-energised my playing, it feels so comfortable. I think they sound close to the Fender electric strings and they are really good. Conversely, if you have, like, a 22-1/2 inch scale guitar or something around there, a set of 10s is going to feel way, way lighter. LaBella short scale strings are fabulous! I’ve now resorted to asking the supplier what the winding length of thier short scale GHS strings is and whether they are old strings stock or not. Price: $11.99/£13.99 | Material: … I have also another question, why is it ok not to change flatwound but not for roundwound? Do you have one of my original SWB-1s or a Chowny-built one, Ian? A regular electric or acoustic guitar’s scale length is usually between 24.75 inches (most Gibsons) and 25.5 inches (most Fenders). At the end of all of the reading that you just did, I hope you have learned something about small-scale guitars.Before going online and definitely deciding upon a guitar that you want to learn on, make sure that you take a trip to your local music or guitar store to take the time and decide on which instrument you feel most comfortable with. There are several gauge types. which string set do you recommend? I’ve also tried their piccolo bass strings on my short scales which are fabulous. Hi Scott, I got one of the last (I think) SWB-1’s that you set up yourself. After reading this I feel I’m making a more informed decision, so gonna start with what I know & like, with 105 Stainless Steel round wound (D’Addarios) and go from there. In short, HPL is a compromise to give you a better sounding, cheaper guitar. The result is a string the company says lasts five times longer than non-treated strings and sound brighter than the coated competition. I use them on three short scale basses. ... We carry a wide selection of strings for both electric and acoustic basses. I’ve also tried their piccolo bass strings on my short scales which are fabulous. They’re extremely enthusiastic and passionate  about what they do, and they seem to genuinely care about their customers and were so helpful answering any all my questions. Acoustic guitars come in all shapes and sizes.And while it’s often assumed this is for aesthetic purposes only, acoustic guitars are, for the most part, designed in a very deliberate manner to bring out the subtleties and nuances of the style of music they are intended for. Gauge unknown at present. They used to be called ‘Hard Rockin’ Steels’ but are now just Stanless Steel Roundwound. When I got my first short scale, a Danelectro Longhorn, the only short scale strings available locally were Rotosound. A short scale guitar can be any guitar: bass guitars, acoustic guitars, scale electric guitar, acoustic-electric bass guitar - you name it, and there is probably a short scale version of the guitar on the market. The main ones are Extra Light, Regular Light, Medium, Heavy. By all means fire some across – I’d be very happy to check them out!! I’ve also tried their piccolo bass strings on my short scales which are fabulous. GHS’s ‘Super Steels’ I found to be a very powerful, growly round-wound string. i am having a difficult time finding string for my supro pocket bass. So many questions. They never do. I own 3 Gibson SG basses and have tried many different string configurations, so hopefully this will help you. Martin offers a wide range of acoustic guitar strings, and these Lifespans are its treated option of the SP 'Superior Performance' line. Featuring my characteristic powerful, refined and noble concert sound, Scott Short Scale guitars are true concert instruments designed to suit musicians with smaller hands. C.F. What a difference. On my guitar, I would like to use 11s, and eventually will. The more you experiment, the sooner you find a set that gives you the tone and feel you want. We don’t want an electrified or acoustic-electric. Nigel. When you think about it, it’s fascinating how much a fraction of an inch in scale-length difference can affect an acoustic guitar’s tone. any suggestions? Question: Reddit user theguitarman chimed in to the r/guitar forum this week with a questions that a lot of players have asked over the years: What scale length should you use if you’re a player with small hands?. It's designed to provide a warmer bottom-end and bolder top-end with some mid projection boost in between. Available in light, normal and high tensions, these classical strings from D’Addario are manufactured in the USA and have a wonderful punchy and bright tone. Anyone who has one of these will know the bridge is a nightmare, the basic tuning pegs are very basic and stay in tune for one song if you’re lucky, they used Strat pickups with the 6 magnets. Gauges Price: £5.99/$9.99 | Material: Phosphor bronze. Bass strings on a short-scale are under less tension that on a long scale so if you’re used to using say 40-95 on a long scale, you may need to go up a gauge to 45-100 to get the tension back to where you like it. But not all. Our first product from Ernie Ball is another … When equipped on a small body instruments like parlor or small classical guitars, nylon strings produce a different tonal palette that both professionals and beginners enjoy. D'Addario XL Nickel Wound Electric Bass strings are world-renowned as "The Player's Choice" amongst bass players of all genres and styles. They have ultra-pure steel SP core wire and are available in 80/20 and phosphor bronze sets, while 12-string and acoustic baritone players are also catered for. Greetings from Germany. Discover the best acoustic guitar strings for your budget and playing style, including top picks from D’Addario, Martin, Elixir and more. Having not brought a set of bass strings for 15 years and not brought any short scale ones for well over 25 years the choice and the range in price has been a little overwhelming. Totally agree with your description of the Rotosound Shortscale Bass strings……Unfortunately I ordered a set the day before I found this site…….oh well, hey ho! What makes a good fingerpicking guitar? Medium: .013 .017 .026 .035 .045 .056 For example, a typical high E string on an acoustic guitar is .012”. Thanks SOOO much for those kind words – absolutely inspiring to hear how my small effort has helped so much. especially the e string needs the tension to sound well. Why Choose a Short-Scale Bass? But since GHS came up with their balanced set of 44-106 I’ve been using them exclusively. If you like Rotosound strings then my advice would be to try using long scale Rotosounds a gauge higher than you’d use on long scale and cutting them down about an inch from where the silk wrapping starts. I find the E string to be particularly dead-sounding. That’s all I’ve tried so far. I tried contacting Brian about a year ago. Epiphone G-400 Pro Electric Guitar with Coil-Splitting. Since you mentioned the GS Mini, which has a 23.5" scale... what do you mean by "short scale"? Chords sound great, the string are supple and very nice to play. Also put a set on my Supro and sound and feel really great but I might try to find something a little brighter for my current projects. As far as string selection, it makes NO difference to me whether the bass is long or short scale, as I own a number of both. This is why many small-handed, steel-string acoustic guitar players switch to nylon ... We hope that our article has helped you in your search for a small-scale acoustic guitar. Like to hear how you feel about DR short scale strings. Besides being cheap, HPL is more resistant to weather and climate changes. D’Addario’s flatwound strings are equally fabulous, although for some they sound a little bright and they are slightly higher in tension. Fewer string breaks? How do the Chowny ones stack up against your originals? Short scale basses provide a different playability and tonality than their long scale counterparts. Shop today! It’s a client built one Scott , black passive. I do indeed have plans for a 5 string, in fact the plans will be going off to the factory to have the first sample built within a day or two. Among the best coated strings for acoustic guitar, Price: $17.99/£15.99 | Material: Nanoweb-coated phosphor bronze. These qualities can be rare today so hats off to GHS! Strings are not expensive The New York company’s EXP range should be on your list. There’s also a claimed longer life than some other phosphor or 80/20 options. Very helpful information – thanks. Take a look at your guitar, too. Visit our corporate site. 1. The 80/20 bronze Earthwood range offers this Extra Soft Silk And Steel iteration, which adds a layer of silk between the wrap and steel core to make playing easier on your fingers. many thanks If you’ve taken a look at Musician’s Friend's huge assortment of guitar strings, you’ve likely realized that there’s a lot to consider in figuring out which strings are right for you and your instrument. Sorry Rotosound but in my opinion these strings are AWFUL!!!! All of the sets featured in our best acoustic guitar strings round-up come in a variety of gauges. If you’ve got a classical guitar, you’ll need nylon strings. Thanks. Best Acoustic Guitar Strings For Beginners: The Buying Guide. I see You recommend GHS 44-106 for standard E tunning I guess. Please refresh the page and try again. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Treated guitar strings from an acoustic legend, Price: $11.99/£13.99 | Material: Treated bronze. – I can’t find any references as to Sterling by Music Man 4 String Bass Guitar, Right, Daphne Blue ... Cordoba Mini II Bass MH-E, Mahogany, Small Body, Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar. As you already know that the guitar strings have a great influence on the sound you make. i prefer flatwound, but roundwound will do if it’s what you recommend. Best Seller in Electric Bass Guitars. Both these sets have the afore mentioned thicker inner core. However, to determine the scale of a guitar, you can’t just measure from nut to saddle, since the bridge saddle positions are moved or compensated away from the theoretical scale … Larrivee's Parlor series has a 24" scale, and are under $2k. Just discovered this site and your facebook page, well played, very good. The good news? They’re on the warmer side of nickel strings and are very even string-to-string as the name implies. The sets i tried were pretty low-tension and sounded bright & zingy. You get a long-scale type tone from a short scale bass with these. Another string manufacturer to try could be Newtone as I hear they they can make specific lengths and gauges, British to! Thomastik-Infeld I play Rock. Short Scale Bass UK © 2020. Hi Scott! The strings are lovely and bright, but in a balanced way, i.e. LaBella I’ll put the Piccolo Chord Shape lesson on my to-do list mate!!! I been using them and have been happy. 99 Price: £/$8.99 | Material: Silverplated copper wrap and mutli-filament core on wound strings, extruded nylon on treble strings. just enough ‘grit’ in there when playing finger-style or with a pick, but switch to slapping/tapping techniques and there’s all the sparkle you could wish for. Mine last at least 2 years and the complete set is only about 13,– € in Germany. The scale on thier version is 26.5. If you are a folky strummer, heavier might be a better option. This is simply a great-sounding acoustic guitar string that's durable and fit for all styles of playing. Rotosound Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, I used these on a tour I did with Steve Cropper and they sounded just ‘right’. Hi Scott I recently purchased a short scale ’76 Rickenbacker 3000 bass, and I’m looking for the best flatwound strings to use? The strings feel much smoother than other stainless rounds I’ve used and overall are, fr me, the best roundwound short-scale strings I’ve used to date! GHS Now it’s my primary bass (for now, miss the feeling of a plank of wood in my hand) so gotta show her some love. Custom light: .011 .015 .023 .032 .042 .052 But our experts have been test-driving set after set of acoustic strings to ensure you can quickly zero in on which ones will help your guitar sound the way you want it to. I currently have four sets of GHS bass strings sent by the company for me to review. The strings feel much smoother than other stainless rounds I’ve used and overall are, fr me,  the best roundwound short-scale strings I’ve used to date! Nylon strings provide a mellow and percussive contrast to the bright and articulate sound of steel strings. Thicker strings will sound fuller, with a more rounded low end, and on balance they tend to be louder. Hope this is helpful and good luck. And that’s why the electric guitar is the best option for short fat fingers. The guitar is actually short-scaled in order to accommodate 14 frets before the neck joins the body. Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Short Scale Acoustic Guitar This has been a really helpful blog post. My only gripe with D’Addario is they do their ‘super-light’ gauge in Nickel?! The best acoustic guitar strings for those with finger issues, Price: $8.99/£14.49 | Material: 80/20 bronze wrap, silk, steel core. Acoustic guitar strings are commonly made of bronze, phosphor bronze, brass, nickel, silk and steel. And I wouldn't try non-standard tuning til your son knows more about the guitar. ", Cyber Monday M1 Macbook Air and MacBook Pro deals we didn't think we'd see, Andrew Huang’s Flip promises to be a fast but feature-packed sample-based music-making app. And they do look VERY cool!! All the best to you and yours, Jon, There’s a hot rail pick up and a new wiring loom on order so that just leaves strings. The best acoustic guitar strings for a brighter sound, Price: $11.99/£11.99 | Material: Aluminium bronze. D’Addario Natural feel will convert traditionalists, Bright, sparkling, upfront tone with warm aftertaste, Runs a little thick so check the gauges on the pack, Long-lasting treated phosphor bronze design, Today's best acoustic guitar strings deals, 6. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best acoustic guitars on the market for people ... the easier they will be to press down on the fretboard and play. I am trying to make my mind up about flat wound strings for a Tanglewood TW15 Baby Bass 26.75″ scale, came across these new Short Bass One strings made by Aquila and wondered if you had tried them? String choice is of course a very personal thing and these are only my personal opinions…. Are you still doing custom jobs? They are not cheap but many players swear by their dynamics. Not a bad choice if nothing else is available – WAAYYYY better than Rotosound’s short scale strings. The scale length is 25.5 in. $199.00 $ 199. Many of the string sets featured in this acoustic guitar strings buyer’s guide are coated, but we've included some alternatives, uncoated and more traditional string options too. I believe most of the prejudice towards short scale basses comes from the 40-90 sets they usually come with. I soooo wanted the bass to work for me, and whilst I loved the feel of the bass, and the Rotosound strings, the ‘out-of-tune’/overtone thing was driving me nuts and I was very close to selling the bass on ebay!! A short scale guitar has a shorter scale length, making it more comfortable to play if you’re an adult with small hands or you’re shopping for one for a child. Slightly less zingy because they aren’t stainless steel, but a lovely tone and no deadness. When talking about scale length we are referring to the string length from the saddle to the nut. I have a Tanglewood TW15CE BabyBass (acoustic). Martin SP Lifespan. Pure, solid lows with beautiful bell-like highs!!! OK – I’ve never tried Pyramid strings, but it’s worth mentioning that guys like Paul McCartney used them which must say something!!! thanks for this very informative post, i like to do a bead tuning on ahort scale bass. As I was solidly and happily using Roto 105 round wound stainless steel on the P bass and would then use the gigged strings on the Musicmaster as that was my gig spare. I was so bewitched by this guitar that I spent my last money on it. Due to ill health I’d hardly played for a long time. The set I used was the La Bella M42s – If I play in D standard how to recompense strings tensions? advice! The strings feel much smoother than other stainless rounds I’ve used and overall are, fr me, the best roundwound short-scale strings I’ve used to date! I checked the intonation and it was very slightly out, but not enough to produce such a bad sound. Keep your eye on the blog, or maybe ‘like’ the facebook page at to keep up to speed with it’s progress. Your Short-Scale Bass, Loud and Clear Short in scale with long-lasting sound, these nickel strings deliver the fat, round tone characteristic of our classic short-scale basses. Brass strings have plenty of top-end jangle, nickel strings have warmer tone, make an excellent vintage choice, as does monel – a nickel-based alloy that many guitarists swear by for getting the best out of their tonewood. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The ideal example of this is the grand piano, which uses a much longer scale length for the low bass strings than the treble strings. You will receive a verification email shortly. My top 3: I would like the most bass sound possible. Any recommendations on the best flats to go on a Gretsch Junior Jet? I’d be grateful for your help. What you need. Are they available to be built and ship to the USA? I am attracted by the description that they have a double bass sound but wonder if they would be as silky as flat-wounds: Here on Reverb, shops a wide selection of the best new and used short-scale basses on the market. But always remember this: You should buy a guitar according to the music you want to play. Maybe you have the same problem? We will be buying this for a friend’s child. What about nylon strings? Among acoustic guitars, the most common scales are clustered around 25.4–25.5 inches and 24.75 inches. I prefer to use a capo to change the tuning up a half-step (one fret) at a time. For a long, long time. Couldn’t agree with you more about the Rotosounds. The Takamine GD30CE-BLK Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a good quality guitar that you can rely on as it clearly is a good quality guitar. FREE Shipping by Amazon. The E string sounded dead all over the neck, and chords were just horrible. All that overtone/out-of-tune stuff you get with the Rotosounds is non-existent with D’Addarios. Hello! Short-scale classical guitars generally come in at 650mm (25.6”), and at that, are still longer than the vast majority of steel string acoustic instruments. It took some futzing with to get the E string on my Longhorn though due to the silk wrappings. I want to try it in drop C tuning. The range of dedicated short scale bass strings available is relatively limited, although there are thankfully still enough to suit all of us! I have (very) cheap Harley Benson Short scale P bass in the mail, which I intend to modify and string up as a piccolo……….should be fun! Light: .012 .016 .025 .032 .042 .054 Simply put – you won’t go far wrong using LaBella on your short-scale bass! It needs thick strings and enough tension otherwise it keeps on buzzing on the frets or you have to raise the action so high that its really no fun to play it at all. – I’d love to think the Thomastik flats would work, but will they fit? I don't know much about classical guitars, and am lost on what to do for strings. They do both a stainless & nickel range. If you only look at the dimensions, it may seem like this isn’t a great guitar for small hands. Next largest menu would be for the best steel string acoustic guitar for small hands. Pyramid Developed with US acoustic guitar giants Taylor, Elixir’s Nanoweb HD also provide a solid, pronounced low-end and bright highs, with less of the finger squeak that can be a nails-down-the-blackboard moment when playing. Nickel open-geared tuners with butterbean knobs are found with a rosewood headplate, which displays a large old style Martin logo. D’Addario claims that its coating offers more of the natural feel you get with uncoated strings, while still having the life-extending benefits of the coated types. 0% interest for 36 months* i. Despite my limitations I thoroughly enjoyed myself so now she’s gone I have begun a mission to turn my old Musicmaster into a reliable bass that could, in theory, be used to gig. Hi Scott I'm trying to help a friend setup a really old short-scale classical guitar. Short Scale Basses For Sale on Reverb. Buying guide for best acoustic guitar strings. The next best string IMO for the SG are the SS D’Addario Chromes in 45-100 or the medium-scale Nylon Tapewounds in 50-105, provided you don’t mind the black strings. ... 7 Best Capos For Acoustic Guitar – Ultimate Guide. Thanks. short short scale. Hi Jonathan! For players who are still building strength in their fretting hands, thick gauges can make for a chastening playing experience, especially if you are a finger-picker or like to play fast runs and bend your strings. Short Scale Bass Guitars. 4.6 out of 5 stars 72. Thanks. There was a problem. In this article, we are going to look at all the reasons why you might want to get a short neck 3/4 electric guitar. Play whenever and wherever you want. In recent years coated guitar strings have made huge advances in terms of tone and feel, and are becoming an increasingly popular choice among acoustic players who want to extend the life of their strings. Our top pick for the best acoustic guitar right now is the Martin D-28 Reimagined, closely followed by the Taylor Builder's Edition V-Class K14CE When it comes to acoustic guitars, strings are crucial to your sound, playing as vital a role as your playing style or your guitar’s bracing pattern or tonewood. I’m just about to contact Rotosound in the hope they might consider making a dedicated short-scale set of these. We've also taken a look at acoustic strings at a variety of price points, covering off budget and more luxurious strings for your instrument, whether you're rocking a cheap acoustic guitar or a top-level strummer. I suppose that the problem is that asking for "the best" anything on a forum with no additional criteria is problematic....and I grant that it can take time to comb through threads which may nit directly address your question. Nylon strings on short scale classical guitars require high-tension. Higher tension also occurs when changing to heavier gauge strings. I work for GHS, and would be happy to get you some of our “proper” short scale strings for you to review and comment on. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. I second that! ... We’ll help you zero in on your best options. Personally, some of the best guitar strings for beginners that we have found are those that have a warm and defined sound, as well as easily playability and rust-proofing. I tried a TB search for "best strings short scale" and found 2,260 threads - of which yours was the first. Maker Roger Williams, for example, offers a 650mm scale length as his standard neck, but also offers a 640mm (25.2”) alternative for all models. I too have this question, The 24.9” short scale model’s neck features a modified low oval profile with Performing Artist taper, with a width of 1-3/4” at the nut and 2-5/32” string spacing for easy playability. I don’t know why Scott picks and chooses but doesn’t answer all these questions, but that’s not important. They sound very pure in tone and have good tension. Hopefully Scott can confirm this. The real shortscale one with original Gibson three studs bridge. Below I will talk about the various brands I’ve tried and give you a summary of my experience with them. You really helped me out. I’m out in Greece halfway up a mountain so internet shopping is my only choice which doesn’t help. Whilst I quite love Rotosound’s long scale strings, their short scale offerings suffer with terrible overtones, particularly the low E. It’s so bad that if you fret an A at the 5th fret on the E string, it simply sounds out of tune. The small bodied 15 series Martins are quite a bargain for a short scale, and the gloss with binding models are under $2k. The Piccolo strings they make are long scale but cut down just fine for short. Website – On mine which is due tomorrow, they should be GHS Super Steels, which are stainless steel. Can I use flat wound strings (it has an under saddle pickup)? For some players that is worth it. Had the same problem with the E sting on that. Guitar scales are organized sequences of notes played in an ascending or descending order that help you build finger strength and dexterity. As the name suggests, phosphor bronze sees phosphor added to the alloy to slow oxidation and extend string life. The Taylor GS Mini-e Acoustic-Electric guitar is the best guitar when it comes to great sounding. Do you have plans for a 5 string version at all? Sorry for the stupidly slow reply! They haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about and the usual answer is, ” we will enquire with GHS and get back to you”. I still need to leave a bass in the UK, but I’m missing my SWB. I'm not much of a purist as far as guitar quality goes, but I do like to have really good strings. Scott, I jumped on here based on seeing your link on another forum. The Epiphone EL-00 PRO Acoustic/Electric guitar is a direct descendent of Epiphone’s original line of flattop guitars designed during the golden age of acoustic guitars in the 1930s. I have recently discovered your YouTube channel and am gradually working through the videos……all good so far! Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. I do hope that this gives you some help in choosing your first set of short scale strings, or if you’re looking to change. What feels light to one player may pose a struggle to others. Much has been written about scale length and how it relates to playability, but it seems that less is said about how tone relates to scale. But with so many types on offer, choosing the best acoustic guitar strings can feel like a minefield. When I first plugged the Dano in after fitting the ProSteels I could not believe what I was hearing. But guitar strings are cheap enough that you can try a few sets without breaking the bank. All the best to you Scott. Hi Scott, I recently bought a passive bass and got some D’Addario EXL160S Short Scale Bass (50-105) – they are too short by about 2cm the taper comes to halfway to the first fret! If you have a 30.75″ scale bass, or a bass like the Hofner Violin where the tail-piece is some distance from the bridge saddles, you’ll need to use MEDIUM SCALE strings otherwise the wound part of the string won’t reach past the nut. The problem was that the nut was to high. Well in truth they sounded ok. All Rights Reserved. Bronze sounds bright, with bell-like clarity and a wide treble-forward frequency response. Thanks Scott, very useful site for newcomers in the world of shorties as I am I appreciate! A Hondo Alien from the mid ’80s (this is a headless “paddle” bass with aluminum neck – a copy of the Kramer Duke) superb sustain, but it doesn’t give you a really deep sound; a Jack & Danny bass, a model made as a sample for the Musikmesse Frankfurt which is not officially sold in Germany (yes, this is my main instrument), and a Career bass I bought used as a backup for only 30,– €, this one sounds good but is not as good to play as the others. I guess get another short scale bass. They’re a bit longer than most SS strings, since the “Beatle” Hofner (and the many knockoffs) are usually a 32″ scale, but I’ve had no problems with the fit (although I’ve replaced the stock 3-point bridge with a Hipshot Supertone). I just got a secondhand 32″ scale bass and started looking around for strings. I had him buy a pack of nylons from the local guitar shop, and they are crap. Will I have to get a Mustang? A quick but important note – some manufacturers produce short-scale bass strings that only work on 30″ scale basses. Shortscale Guitars at Europe's largest retailer of musical instruments - fast delivery, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 3-year Thomann warranty Bass? Baby steps is the way…. 11 – 52’s and wanted to switch to heavier gauge strings (as they can result in a fuller sound) e.g. what would you recommend for SQ Jaguar Special? We highly recommend sampling a range of coated strings from various brands in order to narrow down your preferences. m). I love the Thomastiks but the ones I have are VERY low tension. Also, I’m interested in buying your custom short scale. On the acoustic side of things, a good option could be a Parlor, with their compact size and 24.75-inch scale. D’Addario’s round-wounds are the most consistent and pro-sounding short scale roundwounds on the planet imho! I agree with Scott says here – especially regarding the SS Roto’s – but I do use their long-scale 88’s on my Fender P and love them. Cryogenically processed strings with greater tuning stability, Price: $6.09/£6.99 | Material: Cryogenically-processed steel. Get the best deals on Short Scale Bass Guitars. With sizes ranging from petite parlor sized guitars to dreadnoughts and jumbos and with wood choices including maple, rosewood, spruce, cedar, mahogany, and a host of more exotic woods, the best acoustic guitar strings for particular player or guitar can depend on a lot of factors, and the debate can become … Am I the only person here?! The steel-string acoustic guitar typically has a scale slightly shorter than the classical instrument, the most common scales ranging between short scale (24 inches (610 mm)) and long scale (25.5 inches (650 mm)). BUT they last a LONG time and they are great for people who have allergies to other strings. Practicing guitar scales also make you more familiar with the notes on your fretboard, develop your musical ear and provide a framework for … They might be classical by name, classical by nature, but the custom-extruded treble strings are produced by a state-of-the-art, computer-controlled laser. These acoustic guitar strings are made in the USA with lasers! I like your style!….. Any chace of a video discussing chords shapes especially in relation to Piccolo Bass? La Bella coats its strings in a different way to others; changing the actual surface of the string during the Ionic Vapor Process where “propriety compounds are activated in a glow discharge electromagnetic plasma to modify the surface”. Ernie Ball 2834 Super-Slinky Electric Bass Guitar Strings. But with so many types on offer, choosing the best acoustic guitar strings can feel like a minefield. Douglass Scott Short Scales Guitars. Despite being a high-quality guitar, it comes at an affordable price that won’t strain your budget. The Final Note: Best Guitars for Smaller Hands. It’s only a matter of an inch or two, but the difference is massive in terms of playability.. Probably the best strings I’ve ever had. Hi Scott Just purchased a new pocket bass from eastwood, but i prefer tape wounds. Elixir Strings keeps your tone sounding great for longer. Many thanks, Baz Miller. When it comes to acoustic guitars, strings are crucial to your sound, playing as vital a role as your playing style or your guitar’s bracing pattern or tonewood. Whenever you're inspired to pick up your guitar, the long lasting tone of Elixir® Strings helps to keep you focused on playing. That’s great. Martin make some of the top acoustic guitars in the world, but they also make some of the best strings. 10/10. The tone of the open strings was ping, ping, ping, thud. Our round-up of the best acoustic guitars applies to beginner, intermediate and pro acoustic guitarists alike, and spans a range of budgets too. .045-.105 Short Scale Electric Bass Guitar Strings, Nickel-wound, Regular Slinky $19.98. The Yamaha also has a thinner neck and a smaller body which suits it to a smaller guitarist. Really low tension and flexible, but with this super-warm, middly, punchy tone. Yesterday I video-reviewed their round-wound Super Steels. Therefore, the builder and player must find the happy medium between clean, well-behaved bass strings and pleasant, musical trebles by choosing the best combination of scale and string gauges. Do they fit on a 30″ Short scale bass? I’ve just fitted a set of their PSD BASS 99 (Piano String Design) to one of my SWB-1’s and they sound awesome! I’ve just taken delivery of two Fender Mustang Offset P/J Basses, new 2016 models. All rights reserved. When we talk about high-end acoustic guitar brands, Taylor ranks up there with the best of them. or recommendation? MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Solid wood is still the best but you’ll pay more. At @$500 this instrument is a good guitar for a beginner looking for a short scaled instrument with … I settled on .012-.054 because the .013 set was screwing up the top on my guitar. Above , Martin 000X1AE - One Of The Best Acoustic Guitar For Blues Fingerpicking (IMO). Whether you're a student just starting out on bass guitar, a bass player with smaller hands, or just a lover of the short-scale bass punch and tone, you've landed in the right place. String up with these and steel yourself for a booming performance that sees a fat low-end pair well with detailed mids and enough top-end shimmer to really make your chord playing ring out. So, What Are The Best Guitars For Small Hands? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Mark. . Steel-string acoustic guitar. My oldest set was installed around 1972 on a '63 P, so those strings are at least 37 years old. which is standard for a full-size acoustic guitar. A scale length of 25.4 inches, 25.5 inches, or longer is considered long for steel-string acoustic guitars; anything less is considered short. Treated to extend lifespan and boasting an excellent frequency response and feel, they also present excellent value, which is why they head up our best acoustic guitar strings guide.,, Here are a few factors you should take care of before choosing acoustic guitars string for your guitar. What this means is, on a 27-inch scale guitar, a set of 10s tuned to E standard is going to have quite a bit more tension on it than that same set of 10s tuned to E standard on a 25-1/2 inch scale guitar. I also own a Supro bass Huntington II. Thank you for signing up to Musicradar. Have You ever experienced with detuning? The ‘cryogenic processing’ with liquid nitrogen that Dean Markley use for the Blue Steel range may sound a little like something from a sci-fi movie, but by freezing strings to -320 degrees Fahrenheit and then gradually bringing the temperature up, greater frequency response and tuning stability is claimed. , Please send me an email on and I’ll send you my mailing address…, Need flatwound & Brite flats for a Jaguar VM short scale bass.Suggestions please. Choosing the right strings is CRUCIAL to getting a good result from your short scale bass! Its price places it among the best value products in its category. Actual scale length can be determined by doubling the distance between the nut and the center of the 12th fret. Materials Hi Michael, I've played everything from .010 to .013 on acoustic. Based on the Medium Scale GHS Super Steels the gauges would be: .044 .063 .084 .106. This must be a great acoustic guitar string to use once you’ve dropped three grand on a Hummingbird and find yourself paying for a top-quality string with the loose change in your pocket. Coated strings invariably enhance higher frequencies, too, but these benefits do come at a price – quite literally, as coated strings are typically more expensive. The guitar is specifically designed to maximize the strings’ break angle to ensure that you get a pleasing bass notes with a shorter scale length. I prefer the short scale, I play a mid scale 32″ at the moment. – there’s not many of these basses around, so it’s difficult getting “ANY” info. I generally like heavier strings on acoustic because I can hit them harder and they are louder. Plus, they won’t go dead on you after three days of heavy playing. She is always saying she wants one but doesn’t know it’s coming. What would be your choice of Flatwound strings for a Gibson eb3

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