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There are hundreds of names to choose from. This name is a transferred use of a Welsh surname. Currently Dustin is at #584 on the popularity list. If Axel does not scream rugged and cool, we don’t know what does. For instance, Bryan Isaac Bennett spells BIB, which coul… Go ahead and enter your last name below and the baby name generator will begin generating names with your last name displayed. Search over thousands of baby names, meanings and origins! They are having a hard time agreeing on a first name to go with Wayne. This may be a trendy name, but this masculine and edgy sounding name is one that sticks around for a reason. We individually made our own lists of about 10 names. We love Andrew due to its ability to be cute yet manly at the same time. We think the nickname Gager is the cutest for this little boy’s name. We also see an Axel to be someone who is confident and does not back down from anyone. It’s such a personal decision for you and your family so don’t let any other outside influencers change your mind. The names below are strong, manly, and perfect for a little boy that will turn into a man. This is a short and simple name that we think has a ton of personality and attitude behind it. This name is currently the most popular in Ohio, but the least popular in Utah. So that name was quickly nixed. Most of the names that were popular when this generation of parents were born -- Jessica and Joshua, Ashley and Christopher -- have sailed away, to be replaced by new Number 1 baby names like Emma and Liam, along with unique names undiscovered a generation ago, from … We both had our favorites, but neither of us were budging. This can also be a great name for your little boy to carry on as a family name when he gets older. Hubby isn't a fan of Noah or anything too biblical. Andrew is another rugged name that has biblical routes. : So we are looking for both girl and boy names as we don't not plan to find out the gender till birth. Instead, we decided to use his name as our son’s middle name which was a nice way to still honor his family. This is not a new name, but it is one that never seems to go away. Ryker means strong power, or to become rich. As soon as we found out, we started talking about names. Emmett is also a good name for someone who has a daughter named Emma or Emily. Many mama’s have loved the vampire Damon Salvatore in the famous show the “Vampire Diaries.” Damon is yet another name on this list that is not too popular at the moment. The 6 Craziest Things Moms Have Caught Their Toddlers Doing, 25 Rugged Boy Names That Are Actually Super Cute, 7 Things Every New Mom Should Be Doing In The Morning, Mistakes To Avoid While Holiday Baking With Your Toddler, Woman Refuses To Call Newborn Niece By Her Name Because It's 'Terrible', How To Find The Right Multivitamin For Your Baby & Toddler, A Letter To My Future Son: Things I Hope You Will Know, 10 Surprising Things Men Should Never Do During Labor, Actress Victoria Baker-Harber Births Baby Girl After Secret Pregnancy, 5 Moms Who Didn’t Know They Were Pregnant Until Baby Was Almost Here, Anne Hathaway Opens Up About Parenting During COVID-19, Postpartum Constipation: What Moms Need To Know About It, 15 Baby Symptoms Parents Should NEVER Ignore, Heroic Neighbour Catches Toddler Who Fell Off 13th Story Balcony. Ryker is name that grows great as a boy ages to a man. Once you start actually referring to your baby as this name, you will feel even more of a connection to her. This is a perfect choice for any mama to pick for her baby boy, we don't think she will regret it. He was ready to agree on my favorite name and that’s when we decided on it. This name is sweet, rugged, and perfect for a baby boy. Currently Brock is #741 in popularity which means it is super rare. This edgy name has so much potential and we believe that this name will climb up the charts in no time when more people catch onto this super cool name. Looking for a strong, masculine name for your little man? The singer Aaron Carter may come to mind when hearing this name or the television producer Aaron Spelling. We compiled a list of 25 rugged boy names that all moms expecting a little boy with just adore. It's safe to say that Melina is a hidden gem that won't be overused any time soon. We struggled to name William and I knew if we had another boy we would have this problem. This is a biblical name that we think has a lot of spirit and personality behind it. We picture someone named Ryker to be successful, intelligent and motivated. This rugged name may be short, but it packs a punch. There is history behind this name that can add to how great your little boy will be. This name became popular in the 1980’s due the character Blake Carrington in the television series” Dynasty.” We picture a Blake as someone who will grow up to be very handsome with a heart of gold. We like the name Trevor due how cool it sounds. Which of these do you love the most? This is a bad to the bone name that has become noticed by the public more as Jessica Simpson named her son this cool name. I liked the idea of using the same first letter for my kids. Your Ace could grow up to be a smarty-pants or a successful man. annabaginski’s list 'Top Chioces for Boys Names that go with Paul' of 17 great name ideas: Harrison - Edison! Recommended Articles: 150 Cutest Names For Baby Boys With Meanings Whether you are in the market for a biblical name, a name that stands the test of time, or a name that is manly and rugged- Andrew is just plain perfect. 22wks along with baby boy no.2 & massively struggling with names. We ideally want a J or K name but I'm open to seeing whatever you got!! The SSA list of popular baby names has been changing more in recent years than ever before. Daxton is a very edgy name with a rock star cool feel to it. Vincent is a name that would flow nicely with any middle name such as: Vincent Anthony, Vincent Michael, Vincent Thomas or even Vincent Alexander. We eventually were able to combine our lists with the top 3 names standing. These boy names are poised to be huge in 2020. When we picture a Brock, we picture someone who does not take being pushed around from anyone and who will be a leader. Working as an elementary school therapist, I was always around young children with new and unique, as well as traditional, names. Read more about me here. You may like a lot of names, but can’t use them for some reason, or none of the names are jumping out at you right now. Maximus used to be a Latin title of honor given to successful military commanders. When a mama finds out she is pregnant she may already have that perfect name picked out. This is a simple yet sophisticated name that works great for any little boy. Safety First: 5 Ways Not To Forget Your Baby In The Car, Charlotte Dawson's Battle With Gestational Diabetes In Third Trimester Is Overtaking Her, Socially Distanced Caroling & Virtual Santa: New Guidelines For 2020. We see a future Axel to be a hard worker who enjoys the simplicity in life. Stuck on a middle name for Tate? Zane is another manly man’s name that is super easy to pronounce with a ton of “tough guy” appeal behind it. There is nothing worse than giving your child a name with initials that end up spelling some embarrassing word. Hi, I am trying to come up with baby names I am only 6 weeks pregnant and I have my girl named pick out Mckenna Lynn, Everyone thinks i am going to have a boy according to the Chinese Birth Chart and the trick with the thread and ring also showed up that we was going to have a baby boy! Tate means cheerful, happy which is a great name meaning for any kiddo. Aaron is a name that means mountain of strength, exalted or high mountain. Some of these names have great meanings while others have awesome nick names. The name Hunter means simply that, Hunter. Some great middle name options for Andrew are: Andrew Thomas, Andrew Christopher, or even Andrew Ryan. One of the many reasons we love the name Daxton is that it is super easy to pronounce. Here are some masculine and strong boy first and middle name examples. The name Gunner falls under several categories such as war hero names, occupational names, English names and cowboy names. His name should not "go" with any other name than his own. One of the toughest part of pregnancy is coming up with a name for your baby. Eli is a great name that grows with a child into a man. Magic Baby Names is a unique search site with 100,961 names collected from 2,482,579 family trees, containing 122,580,910 people. If you have chosen to keep the family surname as is, with no hyphens or name changes, choosing the ideal first and middle name is slightly easier. Some people go for the sweet names that make their kids sound like sweet little angels, but we think a rugged name is best for a little boy soon to be covered in dirt, playing rough and acting like a little boy. Deciding on our daughter’s name was actually much easier than our son’s. Embryo Donation: Is It The Right Path To Motherhood For You? This was originally a nickname for someone with hair or skin that was either very dark or very light. Not only does it mean a fighter, but it is a strong name that is perfect for a little boy growing into a man. Eli is #44 in popularity in 2017 and means my god or elevated. At the moment, Ryker is at #164 in popularity meaning that although it is not overly popular, it has a possibility to stay unique or work its way up. Emma and Emmett, how great does that sound together! Once you have it narrowed down to 2-4 first and middle names, I suggest picking one name per week during your pregnancy, and referring to your baby as that name. ! Explore these popular pages to find even more baby girl and baby boy names … Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be a long and exhausting process full of compromise and negotiation. I am having another boy and want something that will sound good with Kaden. They love to rough and tumble and also act bad to the bone. This name will sound great being screamed by you across a soccer field or being called during their college graduation. This makes this name super cool and unique. !” We know picking a name can be rough, but we took all the stress away by narrowing it down to the names that are the best of the best. This is a name with many meanings depending where you are from and what your culture and background is. Most Popular Names 2020. David is the type of names my husband picks (Paul, Ben, Michael, Dan) the names I like … We think rugged baby boy names are extra cute, manly and perfect for a soon-to-be baby boy. Ace is a name that we cannot resist. If you like a name with only one syllable, this is a great option. You can rank them in order of priority for your family because not all of them will be as important as others. I'm only 10 weeks with baby #2 but we are already starting to think about names. I think Anthony Paul or Timothy Paul both have a nice ring to them. Gage will be a great baby boys name and also a great teenager/adults name as he grows up. Brayden was always my top choice for boy first names and I was just trying to figure out how I could convince him to let me have my way! TIA! Geffrey can also be spelled Jeffery or Geoffrey depending on your preference. We have boy names, girl names, unusual baby names, top names by year, naming forums and more to find the perfect baby names! This name is perfect for a future little boy who maybe has a desire to achieve power and status in the world. I like Annabelle or Phoebe for a girl and only like Frankie for a boy (after my grandad) So just wanted some ideas of pretty girl's names and less common or cute boys names xx Ace would be the perfect name for any profession: an artist, an insurance broker, a doctor or even a professional athlete. ! Talon is a commonly used name in sci-fi and science fiction books. We have all heard of Levi jeans, and for a fashion loving mama that make this name an even better choice. The name Emmett is #141 in popularity in 2017 which means the name is not overly popular if you enjoy more unique names. But you don't need to trawl through long lists of baby names any more! I hope you liked some of these strong and masculine first and middle names for boys. When you hear the name Emmett, you may think of the movie Twilight where there is a character named Emmett Cullen. Trying to agree on your shortlist of names with someone who doesn’t have similar taste can be very tricky! When we think of the name Knox we think of a confident, cool, and tough (but oh so sweet) little boy. Dustin is also a very sophisticated name and the nickname Dusty is pretty cute for a little boy. This masculine name is very common and loved by man and currently is in the top 50 boy names for 2017. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. 1) August (Auggie) 2) Kaveh (persian name I am persian and just like the way Kaveh sounds with the K and v. 3) Chase or Chasen From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman. It's yet another with one-syllable charm, fit to go well with most first name choices. The name Tate is short, manly, and perfect for a little rugged boy. These are names that will make everyone say, “why didn’t I think of that? This is another name that will grow with a little boy into a man. Also, check out 67 Popular Unisex Names for a Boy or Girl or 43 Beautifully Feminine baby Girls Names. Here are some masculine and strong boy first and middle name examples. We think a little Vinny will be rugged, tough and at the same time full of love and respect for his parents. Not only is Daxton a super cool name, we think the nick name Dax is just as cool. Baby Names; Boy Names; Baby Boy Names If you are expecting a baby boy then you definitely need a beautiful name. The meaning of Gage is oath, or pledge, and this may be perfect for your little guy who will be loyal to his family. Arggghhhh! Knox is a name that dates back to at least the thirteenth century, but has not been overly popular. This name is one we guarantee will continue to climb up the charts. Just know that the name you pick will be just right for him. This name is not overly popular being well below the top 100 in popularity in the year 2017. Those who are into YouTube may have heard of the popular ShayTards family who have a son named Brock. Eli can be a shortened form of Elliot, Elias or even Elijah. Andrew means strong and manly and is a perfect name for your little one. So, you have a middle name you love but cannot come up with a first name to introduce it? I won't know until Monday if baby #2 is a boy or girl - but I can't think of names that go … Mateo Name Meaning. The name Maximus will likely get shorted to Max by his peers, which is also a super cute and fun nick name. Once you start actually referring to your baby as this name, you will feel even more of a connection to her. Most parents want their children to become financially successful in their future, and this baby name could hopefully give their son a boost at becoming such. Plus, it’s free, so there’s really no point NOT to do it. Magic Baby Names is a unique search site with 101,415 names collected from 2,563,530 family trees, containing 126,577,968 people. A mom of two little ones, here to provide some relatable experiences, tips, and tricks to the joys and challenges of pregnancy and childbirth through raising babies and toddlers. The name Gunner sounds super cool and the meaning behind it is even cooler. The Amazon Baby Registry is clearly the best option. Here are some questions I asked myself when picking boy first and middle names for my children. Start it up here now! No worries. Ace simply means unity and is at #268 in popularity. We feel that Madison is a strong name a a sibling must also have a strong name. 1 decade ago Traditional names to go with Ethan? Blake is a short but sweet name that is also rugged and manly at the same time. Simply enter your cherished middle name below and click "Get Baby First Names" for first name ideas for you baby boy or girl. Get my FREE Trimester Checklists to help guide you through pregnancy and plan for the new baby! This modern name is one that goes well with many middle names such as: Xander Riley, Xander Cade, Xander Joseph or even Xander James. Then one night, we were up late talking about our family, toddler, and future baby and he just referred to our son as Brayden. We found out that our second baby would be a boy when I was around 10 weeks pregnant. There are so many things to consider when choosing a first or middle name for boys and depending what is most important to you, there can be a lot of variables. The name Zane has bumped up in popularity quite a bit from 2016 leaving it at #156 in popularity as 2017 comes to a close. This is a name that is modern and not commonly used and is primarily a name used in the States. Drew or Andy are great nicknames for your little Andrew. If you like the simple one syllable names, Gage is a perfect fit. Blake is not too popular and is #135 in popularity in 2017. This is a name that will never go out of style. You get some free items in a welcome box, free shipping, 10-15% off all the remaining items in your registry, and it’s Amazon- so you’re literally going to buy everything from there anyway! Ok so DH's close cousin's gf is due to have a baby boy in July. This Latin name is #114 in popularity and is a name with history. Just know that you may not be so fond of a name at first, but once you start associating it with your baby, you will fall in love with it. Z names are hard to come by, although we all know of the popular name Zachary. This name is growing in popularity each year and currently as at #123 in popularity. With my daughter’s name being Brielle, I was hoping to pick a B name for our son. You can find thousands of baby boy names and the meanings. POPULAR PAGES. Every time you talk about “the baby,” call her by that name. I can’t seem to find any boy names I can agree with my husband on.My daughter is Nora MargaretIf we have a boy I’m pretty sure his middle name will be David. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. Since the SSA gets a record of every new baby in the country, it has the most up-to-date information about the popularity of names. Zane can also be spelled Zain or Zayne. This is a name that rolls right off of the tongue. Levi is a name with Biblical routes and is of Hebrew origin. Baby Name Generator With Last Names will find baby boy names, baby girl names or unisex names that match your last name (surname) perfectly. This is a great choice if you love the name Alexander, but that is too old fashion for your liking. You could also go with Hunter Paul, Devin Paul, or Cameron Paul if you like more modern names. This name is tough, tenacious, powerful and very manly. Don't get stressed, because we can almost guarantee you will find the best name for your sweet baby boy! For a boy we were thinking of using Norman. This name is very manly, and we picture this name perfect for a little boy who takes beef from no one. We believe this name gives a little boy a good edge in life, and it is super cute! I'd like some ideas of names that go well with Cameron , we are not Scottish so no need for all Scottish ideas :) I like Arthur but oh doesn't. We compiled a list of 25 rugged boy names that all moms expecting a little boy with just adore. This is a strong male name that is far from boring or common. This name gives off hipster and modern vibes and may be perfect for a little boy who will be a bundle of energy someday. Tate is strong, unmistakable and super masculine. There are three helpful tips when choosing a first and middle name to match the last name: 1. He became one of the great missionary apostles and authored several New Testament epistles. Jeffrey has many meanings such as peaceful gift in Anglo-Saxon, God's peace in American, divine peace in French and peaceful pledge or traveler in German. Say the names out loud and read all the meanings to understand which middle name will go best with your baby boy’s first name. Xander (also spelled Zander) means defender of man, or warrior. In recent times, some parents are avoiding baby boy names altogether, preferring to select gender-neutral names. This rugged boy name is a classic and is certainly not new on the charts. Hi, any help greatly appreciated! This is a really cute boys name that is not as overused as the name Justin, so if you are looking for a name that ends in “ustin” but are fearful of the popularity of Justin, Dustin is a perfect fit. Then as we talked about them, we gradually eliminated. Be on the lookout for more emails from me with tips and advice to rock your pregnancy! I didn’t know how we were going to decide because I really couldn’t imagine my son having any of the names he chose and he felt the same way about mine. This meaning is perfect for a little boy. Axel is a Hebrew name that means father of peace Axel is at #139 in popularity which is 42 spots higher than the previous year. Levi means joined in harmony. Blake is a uni-sex name, but when giving it to a boy it is a very tough and cool name. Damon has risen in popularity a bit since 2016 but is still pretty low at #471 in popularity. Check the initials: After making a final baby namechoice, check the initials you have chosen for your child. This is a great option if you and your family are people who love the outdoors or if you just love a name that sounds rugged and tough. A Spanish form of Matthew, Mateo is a spunky pick for parents looking for something classic yet distinct. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. Damon is another name that is rugged yet oh-so adorable for your little boy. This name has been around for a while and has fluctuated in popularity. Hey, So gender scan revealed baby number 2 is a boy, A best friend for my 1 year old son Cameron . This is an excellent name for a baby boy with such a strong manly feel and powerful meaning behind it. The ace is the playing card with the highest face value, and that is a super cool coincidence. Tate can also be spelled Tayte if you are looking for a different way to spell this cool name. It is a name of Latin origin that means small. When we think of a boy with the name Hunter, we think of a born leader and someone who strives for greatness. Of course, these boys all have a sweet side, but we think giving a boy that will some day be a man a manly and strong name is crucial to help them shape their identity as a man. The name hit its peak in 2009, but even then it only managed to reach number 456 on the list of top baby names for girls. If you love the name Damon but want another option with spelling, Daymon is a really cool way to spell this already cool name. Saint Paul, originally Saul, is a biblical hero who is credited with cofounding the Christian church with fellow disciple, Peter. Love Joel except its a family members name. This name was much more popular in the 1990’s and slipped off of the top 100 list by 2004. This is a cool and creative name that will fit any boy. The origin of this gorgeous name is a bit uncertain, but one sweet explanation is that it comes from the Greek "meli" which means "honey." Some mamas on the other hand are stuck on a name and search baby books and ask their mom friends for some advice. This Greek name just screams rugged and irresistible. Trevor is a name that is not overly popular, but it is too darn cute to pass up. Other family members names we love but can't use - Cody, Tyler, Declan, Oliver. This can be a good thing for mama’s who want their handsome little man to have a name that not everyone in the classroom has. Dustin sounds very masculine, strong, and rugged. Gage is a manly man’s name with a lot of spunk behind it. Talon means a large claw of a bird of prey. Knox is a little below the top 200 popular baby boy names in 2017. Eli is a name that can match the personality of any soon-to-be baby boy. Choosing a family name for your baby boy is still a common tradition, but there are multiple ways to go about it. This is a name that never seems to go away, and it is clear why. As of now, Gunner sits at #279 in popularity in the United States as of 2017. Vincent has been a favorite of Roman Catholic families for a long time. We like Vincent because of the nickname Vinny. The name Vincent means conqueror or victor. You can even go nuts and mix and match. Knox is a name that goes well with most last names too. Although this name has a sweet meaning, we think this name is rugged, wild-west like and super cool. We already have a boy called William so it's needs to go with that - my Mom suggested Harry - err, yeah Mom thanks but no thanks! Aaron goes well with many middle names such as: Aaron Lucas, Aaron Reid, Aaron Felix or even Aaron Joshua. Daxton is not an overly popular name being that it #344 in popularity. Whether they came into popularity as the name of a famous king or share their history with a Shakespearean hero, these 50 Irish boy names are unlike anything many folks have ever seen before. Celebs Heidi and Spencer Pratt recently had a little boy and named him Gunner, and we believe because of that this name will be on the rise. Paul is an ancient name that carries with it a sophisticated simplicity. We have a daughter named Madison Mae Hannah (Hannah is the last name). Religious parents will love his holy meaning of “gift of God”, as a baby boy very much is a blessed gift. Unlike other baby name charts that overwhelm you with endless alphabetical lists and the 100 most popular names last year, we've scanned through tens of thousands of names and based on a set of rules identified the names that will go really well with Graham. The name Emmett is a name that will give any little boy some edge and coolness. Some great middle names for Daxton can be: Daxton Thomas, Daxton Anthony or even Daxton Reign. Ryker of course has the adorable nickname Ry. Simply enter names you like and let this genius technology inspire you to find the perfect name. Some may have heard this name in the famous television series American Horror Story. Aaron has biblical ties and has a ton of different ways to be spelled (such as Aaren, Arron, Aren, and Ayron to name a few.) He’s also the perfect way to honor a Matthew without directly using the name or sounding too similar.. How? Simply enter names you like and let this genius technology inspire you to find the perfect name. Ultimately, choosing a name is a personal decision that is up to you and your partner. I wanted to help them out by giving them a few ideas but I am having a hard time coming up with names that flow well with Wayne...(middle name is … Do this for several weeks with your top choices to see which name sticks and feels the most genuine to you. Brock is a name that sounds tough, strong and super cool. Some think this has a heavy metal rock name sort of feel while others think this name has a tough guy vibe. Shared Names . A derivative of that name was Brayden which has been gaining popularity in the past few years and that was my top choice.

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