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There are several very good ones. REL T/9i RELs are designed for speed and articulation, as well as bass response. T9/i Black Customer Reviews: 4.1 out of 5 stars 25 ratings. Rel T9 subwoofer in excellent condition with 32 ft neutrik speakon cable. I have lived with my rel t5 for a year. As Gasp says above - there's no comparison - the Arendals are a class or two above the Rels. We get hundreds of calls and emails each month at REL, many of them inquiring about which REL would be best for their application (love those, keep them coming). REL Acoustics Bassline Blue Subwoofer Cable for Naim Amplifiers. On the other hand, this is a review of the REL T/9i subwoofer. REL Arrow Wireless Transmitter System suits SERIE Ti Subwoofers . Then a bit of moving the REL around and slight fine tuning – perhaps with a friend to help speed up the process and you’re rocking. Our process […] the FR is literally flat where the REL … Integrating a subwoofer into a 2-Channel Hifi system is often far more difficult than adding one in a Home Cinema setup. Sub has a very small paint nick on the rear right side vertical edge so I have priced accordingly. Fax: +44 (0) 1 656 766 093 Web: www.rel.net. I put the new REL t5i exactly at the same spot as the REL T5. De REL T7/i in context ... De overige twee bezitten een woofer alsmede een actieve radiator, waarbij de T9/i is gekroond met een woofer van 10" en de T7/i met een van 8". You can't do better than a track record like that. I would get the best of both worlds and get a Rythmik L12 they compare very nicely with the SVS SB2000 output wise and are as tight as the REL to most people plus for music you will get sub 20Hz no problem. Dit model is specifiek ontworpen voor gebruik in combinatie met middelgrote luidsprekers in midelgrote ruimtes en maakt een weergave tot 30Hz mogelijk. De huidige Ti lijn is net zo compact en strak als voorheen, maar nu nog krachtiger en gedetailleerder. A REL is designed to augment the performance of “full range” speaker systems, to provide linear response down to below 12 Hz (Studio III, -6 dB down at 9 Hz). De T9i is qua formaat en vermogen de grootste in de serie, maar met een ingebouwde zuivere 300 Watt klasse-D versterker staat deze subwoofer ook garant voor ongekende prestaties. It depends on the type of music/mix/recording I'm listening to, but I like my REL t9i because it is unobtrusive and yet effective in its bass enhancement: clear and focused as another person said. Rel T9i là một trong vài sub bass bán chạy nhất với củ loa có màng hợp kim cường lực gọi là T-6063 (chủ yếu là hợp kim magiê và silicon). United Kingdom Telephone: +44 (0)1 656 768 777 . From $3,799. T/9i, T/7i, T/5i I have a Rel T9 (not the "i" version) also a Rel T7 and Rel R238, and 2 B&W M1's all of which I'll be selling soon. Als ik de forse doos oppak voor een ritje huiskamer (zal helaas een retourtje worden) merk ik goed dat massa een issue is bij subwoofers. Olcsó REL T9 mélyláda leírások, vélemények. This subwoofer has little or no character to speak of and will interact with the fastest of loudspeakers with ease. REL Acouscs Limited North Road, Bridgend industrial Estate . Even the most OCD person operating solo should be able to nail this in about an hour. From $499 View. The subs in REL's "Serie Ti" use the same Class A/B power amplifier sections with large, high current power supplies, precision-wound transformers, and an amazing reliability record that has powered some 100,000 RELs. Featuring a deep, piano gloss finish and logoed aluminium feet, this is one subwoofer you'll be proud to have on show. Find a video where John Hunter, CEO and Chief Designer at REL talks about the REL philosophy. Nicely compact – yet good and bassy, too The T-7 is essentially a 30cm cube, but the combination of 20cm downward-firing driver, a 200 watt class AB amplifier and forward-facing passive unit means the sub can deliver generous doses of … I'd suggest going on Youtube and searching under REL subwoofer. You can get a much better deal. REL controls have detents you can feel when rotating them. To achieve a maximally deep bass in the limited volume the popular scheme with passive radiator is used here. REL's acclaimed input filters and robust amplifiers result in some of the best sounding, most reliable designs ever produced. Mélyláda boltok, képek. REL Acoustics No. TRải nghiệm sản phẩm tại LongAudio. Mostly I don't notice it's on but I could hear what's lacking if I were to turn it off. I have a REL T1 and T5, but have not run them together. This is my second attempt to buy a pair of Rel T9i, both instanced I recurved the product damaged. The Monolith Plus will wipe the floor with the T9 and i don't see anything more modern in Rel's tech design.If you can acommodate it,it's no brainer and nothing beats it for movies below 1000 pounds.Or maybe the new SVS PB2000 from LSound,similar price and output.If you want smaller sub you can join a Ken Kreisel DXD808 group buy,would be around 800 pounds. More specifically, this is a survey of how most people get deep bass very wrong, and how a pair of well-integrated RELs are the exception. A vote here for two REL T9/i subwoofers. Qua afwerking is deze woofer leverbaar in hoogglans wit en hoogglans zwart. REL Acoustics T9i for sale. REL has made it work well in this product. Rel T7i. I love what it does with 2 channel music as well as movies. $399. Met klasse AB versterking en 200 Watt RMS vermogen is de Rel T7i in staat om ook grotere luidsprekers van strak en diep laag te voorzien. Just ask a local Magnolia/Best Buy rep and they should be able to knock off up to $200 off each sub if you buy a pair. REL's philosophy and approach is a little different than other speaker manufacturers. Reference. The T/9i uses a lightweight alloy driver more bracing, and even faster input stages to keep up with the best speakers on the market New for 2020: The T/9i RED Ltd. 300W RMS teljesítmény – Elérhető lakkfekete vagy lakkfehér színben – Zárt doboz – Neutrik Speakon és RCA bemenetek – AB-osztályú erősítő – 1x254mm aktív és 1 x 254mm passzív REL T9 Subwoofer A small but weighty body has the form of cube, rests on small legs and is finished by piano lacquer (black or white is available). More Information Add to Cart. the bell curve response of the REL T5 is now replaced with ruler flat response of the T5i! 25; G1 MKII; Serie T/i. REL Set-Up Made Simple RELs are not traditional subwoofers, but true sub-bass systems. Have you visited that page for a recommendation? REL T9 mélyláda vásárlás: REL T9 árak összehasonlítása, REL T9 akció! 2 Cauon Marking Explanaon The lightning ash with arrowhead symbol within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the Measurements wise, the REL T5i do not measure like the REL T5. REL Acoustics 212/SX Subwoofer. Og det er lykkedes til fulde, må vi sige. feet Arrow Wireless compatible, Front-firing 10" long-throw steel chassis driver, 10" Down-firing Passive driver, 300 watt Class A/B amplifier with High Level Neutrik Speakon, Low Level single RCA, and .1/LFE RCA inputs, -6dB @ 28Hz in room frequency response. I chose the REL because of the high level speaker level input connection. I … In our experience, it is best to start the Crossover control at 15 clicks from the minimum setting. No. REL's electronics are the brains and power behind its success. feet or a Stereo Pair for rooms larger than 400 sq. REL T9i Subwoofer 300W 10" + 10" Dual Driver . 25 Reference Subwoofer - Piano Black. For deep, effortless bass with musicianship to match, the REL T9i strikes the perfect balance. On the one hand, this is a review of the REL T/9i subwoofer. We refer to these as clicks and use them to guide positions of these controls. REL S510 500W 10" + 12" Subwoofer . We thought it would useful to expand the discussion to the larger question, how should customers select the right powered subwoofer from ANY manufacturer. L/H 0912.265.866 để được tư vấn mua hàng giá tốt Loa REL T9i là nhà vô địch mới về của dòng loa siêu trầm dòng T. Chỉ cần một loa siêu trầm REL T9i, âm thanh dàn máy sẽ hay lên một cách ấn tượng mà không cần nâng cấp loa và ampli. REL, dé producent van subwoofers, heeft zijn alom bejubelde T serie weer verbeterd. I used the REL sub recommendor from the website and it said I needed a T9 or two for my mid-size room and Maggie 1.7's. Deze REL is in te passen in middelgrote woonkamers zowel voor stereo als surroundweergave. Regular price $4,599 View. So for SVS vs REL, I would pick Rythmik. Rel Acoustic's T/i series powered subwoofers, ranging from a 300 watt long-throw 10" woofer & 10" passive radiator to their sealed 8" micro-sub sport as much finesse in sound as they do in sight. Deze worden aangestuurd door een krachtige 200 Watt klasse A/B versterker. You can also contact Dedicated Audio in Arizona who offered me a great deal. There is a contact link above the speaker selection box, which you might use (as they do not list your speakers) Les Use a single T9i for rooms 100-400 sq. With REL's legendary build quality and finish, the T9i has to be one of the most attractive-looking subwoofers in its class. Because this is a review of two REL T/9i subwoofers. REL T9i, højkvalitets musiksubwoofer med mulighed for trådløs overførsel "Mere end summen af dens komponenter", det har været REL's mantra da de konstruerede REL T9i, topmodellen i T-serien! Tags: AV, hi fi reviews, Hifi review, hifi reviews, home cinema, Subwoofer. The reason I'm selling the subs - I just got an Arendal Sub2 (it was either that or two Sub1's). Dit sub-bas systeem is uitgevoerd met een 8" langeslag woofer en een 10" passieve radiator. De REL T7i is een compacte subwoofer uit de T/i series van REL. Loa REL T9i là một trong vài loa siêu trầm bán chạy nhất với củ loa có màng hợp kim cường lực gọi là T … More Information Add to Cart. Therefore, for the moment, set aside everything you’ve been High-current power supplies, huge toroidal transformers, and what many critics call the best filters in the world produce the famous REL effect – wherein not simply the bass region but all music and movie sound becomes uplifted and improved. The curious thing about the REL S/3 is its lack of impressiveness is what will impress you most. As REL woofer-in-chief John Hunter described to me, the new T lineup benefitted from the development of the Series S line. From $2,099. De Rel T7i heeft zowel een 200mm actieve langeslag woofer aan de voorzijde als een 254 mm passieve radiator aan de onderzijde. Bridgend, CF31 3TP . Upscale News. Het versterker-vermogen bedraagt 300 Watt RMS. REL Acoustics; Manuals & Brochures Manuals & Brochures. Regular price $7,500 View. Hunter adds here that they also like track 4 from the soundtrack of … Ten opzichte van zijn voorganger, de T9, is de REL T9i … Although it can happily shake the walls every bit as much as its R328 predecessor, this is also a subtle and deft device.

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